The Vonnegut Zone

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  1. Player Piano
  2. The Sirens of Titan
  3. Mother Night
  4. Cat's Cradle
  5. God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater
  6. Slaughterhouse Five
  7. Breakfast of Champions
  8. Slapstick
  9. Jailbird
  10. Deadeye Dick
  11. Galápagos
  12. Bluebeard
  13. Hocus Pocus
  14. Timequake

Materials found within these pages were compiled after having read every novel, short story, and essay written by Kurt Vonnegut listed above. Using this background knowledge of Kurt Vonnegut, appropriate materials were selected by searching Google, as well as searching "research databases" offered through the Dayton & Montgomery County Public Library which offer reviews through NoveList as well as Booklist (published by the American Library Association). Other materials such as articles and essays were retrieved through The Electric Library, Gale Research Databases, or through EBSCOHOST which are available through said library.