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Happy Birthday Wanda June

Kurt Vonnegut

Of course this work is unique amongst the other titles listed within the cover/jacket of Vonnegut works, since it is a play of all things. (Kurt met photographer Jill Krementz in 1970, during the production of the play, according to Fates Worse Than Death.)

The inspiration for the work is a cross between Homer's Odysseus and Ernest Hemingway's blood-thirst persona. If you ever find the bound version of the play, you'll read that Kurt wrote the thing left handed. Kurt hated the film version(released same year as Slaughterhouse-Five[1971?]) of the play.

Print Sources:
  • Vonnegut at Play - Breakfast of Champions, Slapstick, Happy Birthday, Wanda June, and Between Time and Timbuktu
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