Eris: New Dwarf Planet

Eris, Sister of Ares, Goddess of Strife

Formerly known as 2003 UB313

Eris paintingPainting of Eris (ca. 520 BC)

As of September 13, 2006, 2003 UB313, nicknamed Xena, has been officially designated minor planet number 136199 (IAUC 8577) and the name Eris. Her satellite, nicknamed Gabrielle, has been named Dysnomia (IAUC 8610).  Eris is the name of the Goddess of Strife and of the genus of jumping spiders in the family Salticidea. Eris is a Greek word meaning strife. It is the root of eristic meaning to strive or dispute, speaking of an argument or controversy. The discovery of this body led to much controversy and strife but I think in the long run we will realize it is controversy that is necessary for growth and understanding.  Eris could have entered the history books as the 2nd female member of the group of head haunchos but it looks as though Venus is destined to stand alone. (Note: Neptune is often referred to as a feminine energy also.) Instead, Eris is being given credit for stirring up discord among astronomers, perhaps even causing division. But this is a necessary part of the growth process of understanding our ever expanding universe.

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The face behind the Myth

Necessary blessing or tragic curse? 

In Greek Mythology Eris is the sister of Ares, Mars to the Romans. She is the goddess of strife, the meaning of her name. The Romans renamed her Discordia. She is the opposite of the Goddess Harmonia or Roman Concordia. It seems she is the daughter of Nyx, Goddess of the Night.

Eris appears to wear two different faces. Hesiod wrote in Works and Days, "(ll. 11-24) So, after all, there was not one kind of Strife alone, but all over the earth there are two. As for the one, a man would praise her when he came to understand her; but the other is blameworthy: and they are wholly different in nature. For one fosters evil war and battle, being cruel: her no man loves; but perforce, through the will of the deathless gods, men pay harsh Strife her honor due. But the other is the elder daughter of dark Night, and the son of Cronos who sits above and dwells in the aether, set her in the roots of the earth: and she is far kinder to men. She stirs up even the shiftless to toil; for a man grows eager to work..." 

He goes on to say, "(ll. 42-53) For the gods keep hidden from men the means of life. Else you would easily do work enough in a day to supply you for a full year even without working.... But Zeus in the anger of his heart hid it, because Prometheus the crafty deceived him; therefore he planned sorrow and mischief against men." 

So it seems that Eris brings controversy and ambition, both means of striving for something greater.

"(ll. 54-59) `Son of Iapetus, surpassing all in cunning, you are glad that you have outwitted me and stolen fire -- a great plague to you yourself and to men that shall be. But I will give men as the price for fire an evil thing in which they may all be glad of heart while they embrace their own destruction.'

(ll. 60-68)...So Zeus instructed Hephaestus, the master craftsman, to fashion a beautiful woman out of earth and water. He instructed Athena to teach her needlework and weaving of varied web, Aphrodite to "to shed grace upon her head and cruel longing and cares that weary the limbs" and Hermes, messenger and guide, to give her a shameless mind and deceitful nature. Thus, Pandora was born, bringing with her all the woes and responsibility for the misery of the world. I have to wonder if there might be a direct connection between Pandora and Eris, perhaps they are one and the same, or a triple goddess with Eve, or her likeness,  being the third in the trinity. 

Then he goes on to tell another tale where mankind and the gods were of one origin, but with each generation mankind became more evil.
Later  in ll. 802-804 in describing the best activities for the days of the month, he says to, " Avoid fifth days: they are unkindly and terrible. On a fifth day, they say, the Erinyes assisted at the birth of Horcus (Oath) whom Eris (Strife) bare to trouble the forsworn." 

So it seems, here, that Eris may be connected to the struggles that come with the territory of incarnating in the flesh with the purpose of fulfilling an oath, the fated destiny chosen before incarnation. I wonder if she helps explain why things happen to someone who obviously hasn't done anything to cause the events. Job comes to mind. Most of his "wise" advisers told him he must have caused his miserable conditions, but it wasn't true. He searched his soul and was found innocent, as was confirmed by God. His only wrong was in thinking that God had abandoned him and overlooking the fact that only God knows somethings. The explanation given by God seems to be saying that the strife he suffered was foreordained and written in the stars as shown by the Leviathan. Perhaps that constellation was culminating at Job's birth. When his oath was completed all he had lost was returned two fold and his accusers were only saved through his prayers on their behalf. 

In The Theogeny of Hesiod he writes, "(ll. 211-225) And Night bare hateful Doom and black Fate and Death, and she bare Sleep and the tribe of Dreams. And again the goddess murky Night, though she lay with none, bare Blame and painful Woe, and the Hesperides who guard the rich, golden apples and the trees bearing fruit beyond glorious Ocean. Also she bare the Destinies and ruthless avenging Fates, Clotho and Lachesis and Atropos (10), who give men at their birth both evil and good to have, and they pursue the transgressions of men and of gods: and these goddesses never cease from their dread anger until they punish the sinner with a sore penalty. Also deadly Night bare Nemesis (Indignation) to afflict mortal men, and after her, Deceit and Friendship and hateful Age and hard-hearted Strife. "

"(ll. 226-232) But abhorred Strife (Eris) bore painful Toil (Ponos) and Forgetfulness (Lethe) and Famine (Limos) and tearful Sorrows (Algea), Fightings (Hysminai) also, Battles (Machai), Murders (Phonoi), Manslaughters Androctasiai), Quarrels (Neikea), Lying Words (Pseudea), Disputes (Amphillodiai), Lawlessness (Dysnomia) and Ruin (Ate), all of one nature, and Oath (Horkos) who most troubles men upon earth when anyone willfully swears a false oath. "  

In Book 4 of Homer's Iliad she is sister of Ares (Mars) and presumably the daughter of Hera and Zeus (Jupiter). In Book 11 she is said to have instigated the Trojan war. Eris had been snubbed because of her reputation of being a trouble maker, by not being invited to the wedding of  Peleus and Thetis. Her way of being a wedding crasher was to send a  golden apple labeled, "to the most beautiful woman". This may have been, according to a fragment from the Kypria, a part of a plan hatched by Zeus and Themis. Anyway, at least 3 beautiful and talented goddesses stepped forward to claim their perceived right to the prize. Paris, Prince of Troy was elected to choose among them, being influenced by their bribes. Hera offered political power, Athena offered skill in battle and Aphrodite offered Helen, wife of Menelaus. Contrary to the importance of power to the Greek culture, Paris chose the beautiful Helen, causing his city to be destroyed in the Trojan war.

Offspring of Chaos

It is sometimes hard to trace the family tree in myth. It seems as though Eris is the daughter of Nyx according to Hesiod but of Zeus and Hera according to Homer. One version says Nyx is the daughter of Eros and another version says they are both born of Chaos. It could very well be that both are true, Chaos beget Eros who beget Nyx who beget Eris. And then there is also the idea that perhaps Chaos beget Zeus and all that is, so then all myth is reconciled and harmonious.

"... night's sightless eye, and radiant sun proceed upon their yearly course on equal terms and neither of them is envious when it has to yield." [Jocasta to her sons. Euripides, Phoenician Women 543]

"If night leaves anything undone in the working of destruction, day follows to accomplish it." [Sophocles, Oedipus the King 196] 

As is so common in evolving mythology, another goddess is portrayed as a demoness. Popular opinion holds her responsible for the Trojan war and fall of Troy. But she only offered a gift. She was not responsible for the vanity of the other women present. Isn't it the bride and groom who traditionally receives the gifts? Did Eris cause  Aphrodite to offer another man's wife as a bribe? Did she force Paris to award the gift to her? And what about Helen's part in all this? What about her husband? How can this king justify killing a whole city because his wife chose to be with another man.  We could also discuss the attitude that a woman is a piece of property to be bought and sold or traded, according to Paris and Aphrodite. I would have to say that it isn't Eris that caused this war. As Hesiod stated..."they may all be glad of heart while they embrace their own destruction." 

Perhaps Eris's purpose was to accomplish constructive change through strife. Often, the one doing a service for humanity is seen as a trouble maker, an uninvited guest into the affairs of others, for their own good. Would we ever invite change? We hold on to what is familiar and comfortable.  We fear the darkness, the unknown and often it requires discord or a bolt of lightening  to jolt us out of our complacency to accomplish necessary changes. Eris's role in history was to offer a gift that the recipients used to expose their own shortcomings, vanity, jealousy, intolerance, covetousness, possessiveness.  I suggest this is the beginning of the meaning of Eris in astrology.  

She offers us the golden apple 

that is our shadow;  

And the shadow of God is light.

Astrological Meaning of Eris

Many would say its too soon to come to any conclusions about the meaning and use of Eris in astrology but I have been forming some opinions since her discovery was announced based on the position in my chart and her transits and arcs. I have a strong feeling that, while she may not "rule",  she is connected to Libra which would be supported by the fact that she was discovered while in Aries, making her an uninvited guest there. When a planet is in the opposite sign of rulership or exaltation, the places where they are most comfortable, they are said to be debilitated, much like an uninvited guest. Just as Venus has two faces, that of Lucifer and Hesperus, Eris show us two sides.

Often those unexpected obstacles in our life, like an uninvited guest, are angels in disguise. We never know when we may be entertaining or wrestling with an angel, unaware. And perhaps rather than looking at a body in its detriment, as debilitated or handicapped,less in some way, we could perceive them as having a fresh perspective that isn't natural and easy in that particular sign but is natural for them because they come from the other side of the tracks. They are in their detriment because they have the unpopular position of showing the natives the other perspective.

Take Libra and Aries as an example. Libra is a peacemaker and wants harmonious relationships. But her problem is becoming a doormat for the sake of peace at times. She sometimes allows the scales to remain out of balance in order to keep the peace and be loved. She may stay in a relationship, repressing who she really is and what whe really needs in order to not make waves.  If someone comes along who is Arian to the core and masquerades as a Libra all hell will break loose when that aggressive warrior energy acts as a cattle prod to jar Miss Libra into reality. He might slam a ton of bricks on one side of the scales, hurling Miss Libra into a frenzy. One can only take so much selfish behavior and be a martyr for only so long before war becomes better than peace. 

Or, in the reverse, if a true balanced Libra person puts on the mask of Aries, the same result will come about. In order to bring the scales back into balance with a lopsided Arien she may she may emphasize the letter of the law to the extent that the spirit of the law baptizes Aries with fire to show the ram how to integrate the lamb. But it won't come about without some controversy and strife. The mighty sword of justice can shed a lot of blood. You see, the truly balanced Libra serves self by serving all because she knows that we are all one. She is able to see the beginning in the end or the trees for the forest they form. This, I believe, is where Eris has chosen to incarnate into the realm of consciousness. She appears in the midst of terrorism, multiple civil and international wars and horrendous misuse of power to teach us that the road to peace may involve some conflict and controversy. 

Phillip Sedgwick suggests these keywords for Eris:

Positive - liberation from addictions to success or status, clear priorities regarding matters of love and money, finally getting you can't take it with you and applying full resourcefulness in life, recognition of the potency of one's energy and life force, clear sense of the sacred marriages: spirit to body, self to Creator, between soulful companions, personal sense of emergence.

Negative - greed, workaholism, believe that you must take over for God, general sense of being forsaken, condemned or abandoned, lack of spiritual regard for life, superficial, status oriented.

I would like to take it a step further. I believe Eris teaches us that that all that exists, is, in relation to us,  in a sacred marriage with us. It doesn't matter if we can see it or know it or can understand it at any point in time. If it is, it is a sacred part of us. I am in a divine sacred relationship to everything and everyone that is.  It seems to me that all that we can't see with the human eye represents what comes from our very distant past and is often buried deeply within. It is that part of our history that once was in the center and one with us, but has been pushed further and further out until it is no longer conscious. It can be recognized in those times we react without knowing why. Perhaps we hear an ancient melody and "know" we have been there, have played that melody before. It's the part of us that gives us the courage to search in the darkness for the answers, regardless of the outcome or what my be hiding there. I base this on the idea that the universe started out in the central core and is spiraling outward. If that is true then the outer planets were in that central core of creation in the beginning and have been on the journey longer.

As I said before, what if Helen went with the other man voluntarily? Was her husband fighting a war to get back his property? Did the offer of the apple to the fairest simply point out their fault at thinking one must be better than another, that one was more valuable than another rather than equally beautiful in their own way? I believe Eris will teach us that we are all equal but different, that each are, by nature just as valuable as the others. I believe she stands for the principle that we have no right to anything that deprives our fellow (wo)man of of any divinely inherited right.  While I may not be able to carry a physical load as large as my mate, neither can he continue the regeneration of life for mankind on earth through gestation and birth. Each are valuable and necessary.

With Pluto, we go beyond the myth of Neptune into the world of secrets and all truth that is hidden there. As Pluto travels his odd path he brings those secrets closer to us than Neptune, where Myth resides, to enlighten us as to the origin and evolution of truth contained in myth. But Pluto quite often doesn't want to give up his secrets because of the power they hold. Perhaps it is a selfish motivation or perhaps it is that, in his wisdom, he knows others aren't yet mature enough to handle the power themselves. 

Eris comes at a time that may signify we are ready to know those secrets. Revealing them, though, will create a great amount of strife and contention. We are so comfortable with familiar lies. If we grew up believing that a certain couple were our parents, would we wish to know the truth that we were adopted? What if we felt secure in the belief that our religious tradition and faith gave us eternal protection based on simply believing a certain  God-person born at a certain time, was killed as a sacrifice to pay for our mistakes so we don't have to get it right, entered the grave for 3 days to prove he really died, then rose again to prove he overcame death and that "truth" was shattered? What if our self worth comes from this belief, and that all those that are outside our faith will perish and are less than us? Are we ready to hear the truth that the tradition we celebrate as Christmas is really a pagan festival? Are we ready to accept the fact that Easter is really a pagan fertility festival? What if that world wide religion was used as a tool to gain power and control over people and their resources? Are we ready to accept the fact that this God-person really said he is our Rabbi, meaning teacher, rather than savior and that he also said we are gods? What if he really came to teach us rather than do it for us? What if he really intended to teach us to overturn the tables with him? What if he was willing to be our initial savior when we were infants, setting the example of how we should be living, but now demands we learn to be our own savior and stand by his side as his brother?

In the Jewish Old Testament the most holy name of God was known to the scribes and priests. Knowing the power contained in the name and fearing the common person having access to that power, they began to omit the vowel marks showing how the name was actually pronounced. Over time, even they forgot the true spelling and pronunciation. Pluto took that information to the grave with him and kept it hidden. Eris has the power to reveal those secrets to all that are prepared to accept the golden apple, another form of the forbidden fruit, perhaps.  You see, the wise serpent knew God didn't tell Eve not to eat the fruit, he didn't even tell Adam not to touch it. Adam made that up in order to be one step above Eve.  And what was the consequence for his lie and disobedience to the truth? Eve only had to labor in child birth but Adam was instructed to struggle and strive for his daily needs, to work the ground through the sweat of his brow in order to survive and not die. Of course, being a loving mother of all life, Eve labors with her mate taking on part of his burden. I find it interesting that apples, as far as I know, all varieties of apples, must have a dormant period of cold winter in order to survive. Pluto and beyond fits that criteria.

Is what I'm saying controversial? I know it is, at least to my long time fundamental, traditional friends. But I trust they are ready to hear my opinion. Our search for truth offers freedom and true power, the power to unite rather than divide. And isn't it much more comforting to know that no matter how often we fail we can learn from our mistakes are all still on the right path home?

The Trojan war began because Helen, whether by her own choice or not, went to be with another man. She was regarded as the husband's property. If she didn't choose to go, then the act  of taking her implies the abductor viewed her as property. But what if she chose to go? The issue is the right of each individual, male or female, to choose their own path to happiness and that human beings are not property to be bought, bartered, owned, discarded or sold. We are drawn together when it serves a purpose. When that purpose is finished, the ties that bind dissolve, at least temporarily.

Eris in Aries brings controversies involving liberty vs law and the nature of relationships, wars and peace. In my chart Eris resides in the 9th house and is antiscion Mercury which disposits Sun. My childhood Eris controversy was a 15 year legal battle between my parents and later the courts (9th) and my mother. In 1964 my mother lost custody of my brother and I because she was in a controversial lesbian relationship (Libra).  She eventually won her rights (Aries) back by appealing to a higher court that had no choice but to return her rights. Imagine the controversy and strife with my minister grandparents and my dad. Then imagine my dad's horror when his youngest son, not my mother's son, announced during young adulthood he was gay (brother being 3rd house, opposite Eris along with 3rd being 12th of the parent, what that parent has repressed or denied). He was given two opportunities to get past his bigotry, and he finally has. The most recent strife I caused was in reporting (3rd) I was instructed by my employer to cover up defects in medical parts (Eris in the 12 of the 10th, his self undoing). Or perhaps the most recent controversy is what I wrote above. I'll leave that to the reader to judge.

One other thought occurred to me. Eris is awfully close to Eros in spelling and sounds similar to Aries. Eris played on Eros causing the controversy over her gift. Venus has an affinity for gifts.  Beauty inspires Eros and perhaps Eros inspires Eris. She seems to act in a rather Libra-Arien way. Or should I say, Librarian way?

Roy Mackinn observes:

"Striving to achieve one's goals and refusing to capitulate to the
pressure of unjust treatment and discord from abusive authority.

With great inner conviction and single-mindedness of purpose, following
a path of high attainment and enlightenment notwithstanding adversity
- alternatively refusing the call to transsform with mediocrity and
under achievement as consequences.

Issues around power abuse of minorities, the defenseless, the
alien, networks, multinational countries and companies, the world-
wide web, piracy, terrorism, clash of ideologies, conflict between
desires of personality and pursuit of the inner call, persecution of
the spiritually aware person who stands alone courageously acting
according to conscience, an outstanding individual ahead of the

Astronomical Position of Eris


Eris was discovered January 5, 2005 at 11:20 AM PST on by Michael Brown (Caltech), Chad Trujillo (Gemini Observatory), and David Rabinowitz (Yale University).  The discovery came from 3 photographs taken during 3 hour period on October 21, 2003 at Pallomar Observatory in California, shown above. To read all about it visit Mike Brown's page. He has discovered many bodies, perhaps more than any other astronomer. His site is definitely worth a visit.

One notable item in the news 1/5/05 from Wikipedia, 

According to The 2005 Index of Economic Freedom, the United States has for the first time dropped from the top 10 free nations of the world, Hong Kong continues its number one ranking for the 11th consecutive year, released by the Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street Journal.

Notice Eris almost became the 10th planet and the connection to 10 nations in this article. The US lost its position in the top 10 and Eris never quite made it.

At the time the photographs were taken Eris was in apparent retrograde motion touching 19 degrees Aries longitude for the 8th time. The exact position was 19 Aries 59 Rx, declination - 6°06, and North node at 6 Taurus 5. When the computer helped him discover a moving object in the photographs on Jan. 5, 2005 she was again at 19 Aries for the 9th time. Her exact position was 19 Aries 45 Rx, declination - 5°50 and North node at 5 Taurus 21.

In the news that day, according to Wikipedia

Occupation of Iraq: Human Rights Watch (HRW) accuses US troops of using excessive force against civilians in Iraq. 

And the following day...

Mahathir bin Mohamad, outgoing Prime minister of Malaysia, accuses leading democratic nations of terrorizing the world. He seemed to be referring to the United States, Israel, and Australia.  

European Union and Guantanamo Bay detainment camp: Leaders of the European Union parliament urge the EU to take action over 26 Europeans being held indefinitely by the USA without charges, without trial, without legal representation at Guantanamo Bay. The detainees are experiencing increasing psychological problems.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) releases a report about Mental illness inmates of United States Prison. It concludes that mentally ill offenders are frequently physically abused, punished by staff for self-destructive behavior and not given the treatment they need.

All of these stories repeat the theme of human rights, equality, misuse of power and competition along with controversy. 

It just so happens that 19 Aries is the degree of the Sun's greatest exaltation. She transited this degree a total of 9 times, the first being in May of 1997, making herself visible to the human eye through modern technology with the final pass. She went direct 2 days later and passed through that degree for the last time. She had been noticed, just as the Sun demands, her business there was complete. It's sad that instead of the pride that goes with the Sun, the spotlight on  this exalted Sun degree brought shame to my country.

The Sabien symbol for the 20th degree of Aries paints a picture of a young girl visiting a park, feeding swans in the winter. What I see here is a place that all have a right to, a public park. This is a place that offers recreation and shelter or protection. Just as the Sun shines for all, regardless of their station in life or the universe, so this park is meant for all to benefit. The young girl doesn't just serve self, enjoying her recreation time. She recognizes and sees to the needs of the Swans, feeding them during a time that food is withheld by nature. In the same way, Eris and therefore controversy has a divine right and need to be recognized.

The announcement of her discovery was made July 29, 2005, much sooner than planned. Because someone hacked into the discovers' data they had to announce their discovery or risk losing "ownership". This is a good example of unfair competition rather than working together in partnership for the good of all. Eris was 21 Aries 5 Rx. This was her first station and retrograde in the 22nd degree. There was quite a lot of terrorist activity during that week and a very large wedding, hinting again at her connection to Libra. According to Wikipedia and BBC;

Hamas, the main Palestinian opposition Political party in the Palestinian Authority, hold a mass wedding on the West Bank in which 226 couples performed the Nikah.

Notice 226 adds to 10, the position she almost had. Libra is the natural Western sign and west point in the zodiac. 

With  the IAU decision to create a new class of bodies called "Dwarf Planets, August 24, 2006 Eris was located at 21 Aries 12 Rx with a declination of - 5°06 and the north node at 6 Taurus 33. Notice 21 is the reverse of 12. It is a palindrome, it reads the same frontwards and backwards. I think either this indicates that what is now will be reversed or that the original assumptions have now been reversed. It is probably the first.  This is only the first pass into 21 degrees and the 6th time to touch 20 degrees so there is much more to be revealed. Number 20 is the number of judgment. There are 3 more retrogrades to touch that degree so we must withhold final judgment until then. 

Mike Brown and his co-workers officially submitted a name to the IAU on September 6, 2006 with Eris positioned at 21 Aries 7 Rx. On September 13 when her name was announced she was at  21 Aries 3 Rx, declination of - 5°10 and node at 6 Taurus 26. So you can see that she moves very slowly, due to her distance from earth. In fact, because of her apparent retrograde motion, she hits each point in the zodiac as many as 9 times. This gives her great potential to get it right on way or another. If something connected to her doesn't work it will keep coming back to give further insight and opportunity to make the transformational changes that are necessary.  

All of these events happened during the degree that is symbolized by the Sabien of the gateway that opens to the garden of all the heart's desires. The positive of this degree is the complete exaltation of self, the true self. The negative might be wishing and coveting but doing nothing to accomplish it. In other words, one lacking the ambition and willingness to strive for goals, exactly what Eris demands.

To see where Eris was when you were born follow the link below. At the time of this writing, her name comes up empty, 2002 UB313 has to be entered until they update. After that, either Eris or 136199 should bring up results.

Eris takes 560 years to orbit the Sun. Her orbit is even more tilted than Pluto's. She is white rather than red like Pluto and reflects more light, 86% or so compared to 60%. In fact, Eris reflects more light than any other body besides Saturn's moon, Enceladus, which has geysers that erupt causing frost which reflects light.  Currently Eris is the furthest it gets from the Sun and the coldest. In 280 years it will be the closest which is about 2.6 times closer than it is now.


Eris's Discovery Chart

Notice critical 13 degrees Aries rising. Eris was positioned in the 1st house of self with the north node of the Moon coming to meet her soon. This may show she is a little more mature than appears and will lead us into the future rather than being stuck in the past. The Sabien symbol for this degree is "A Serpent Coiling Near A Man And A Woman"

Charubel says of the Ascendant:

Sun rising in the south-east quarter of the heavens, a little further south than that point which the Sun occupies at the winter solstice.

Leinbach says, "Trial by fire seems indicated by this degree. The trials which accompany this degree are calculated to perfect the soul, and have a high record of success. Perhaps it is associated with karma; if so, it is a karma from which the individual is ready and willing to learn. The trials seem to be disassociated from anything the individual can be seen to have logically caused by his actions. They seem to be acts of fate. The individual seems in most cases capable of dealing with the apparently unjust burden in a saintly manner, thereby incurring the sympathy of onlookers. Perhaps it is the need for sympathy that makes the native willing to suffer so patiently." For more interpretations, see Degree Symbolism. This seems to confirm that Eris brings strife for the purpose of  testing the soul and bringing us into maturity.

Moon is a fallen angel here, being an uninvited guest in Scorpio, 7th house. She will invoke a great deal of intense emotion. Venus is in the house of foreign countries mutually receiving Jupiter, who is setting in the house of open adversaries. Jupiter is also in a mutual reception of sorts, with Mars, ruler of the discovery and dispositor of the Moon. But in this case, Jupiter is receiving Mars in his place of detriment. I see here a military force being present where they weren't invited, Mars entering that country in the near future. Jupiter's positive manifestation is generous and protective. Other than military force, it could also have to do with religion or the law. The ultimate goal is peace, I think, but it won't be without conflict and obstacles. Notice Sun, exalted in the 1st is square Jupiter who disposits Mars. A vision of someone in power being dethroned and replaced is coming to mind here. Aries demands freedom, Libra demands fairness and equality of all persons, Capricorn has to be in charge and what ever he does will be long lasting. Capricorn likes long held tradition but with Moon in 11th house relationship to Sun I wonder if there are some changes coming.

The Moon is approaching the fixed stars, Zuben al Genubi now at 15 Scorpio and Zuben al Schemali at 19 Scorpio known as the scales of Libra, but originally called the claws of the scorpion. Zuben al Genubi, the southern claw, translates insufficient price or the price of the deficient. Interesting it is a binary of unequal stars. Zuben al Schemali, the northern claw, translates full or complete price, also called the price that covers. I'm not positive, but I think it used to be in the 1st decan of Libra back in the day. Jupiter is approaching this degree at this writing.

Actually, zbn in Hebrew, means to acquire or buy. (bn means son, house or family line, by the way) Shm is a name or mark of distinction. Shmal means dark and enclosed, the north and the left hand. The ending y or i gives it the meaning of being situated on the left side. Quite often, when a word ends in yod (y or I) it signifies one coming from that place, like -ian in American. In Hebrew, the left is the end of the word or sentence so it is the complete and total thought. Also, the past tense is the perfect tense. So this is the full meaning of the northern claw. I noticed while gazing at the eclipse full Moon of September 7 that the shadows formed the profile of a crab, clearly visible on the left side and it would be the crabs left claw showing. I wish I would have had my camera with me. It was truly beautiful.

Hebrew gn is a garden as being fenced in. Gnb means to thieve or deceive, or the thief, depending on the vowel marks. So this implies that this area, something is obtained without giving in proper exchange. Writing this makes me very aware that weigh, receive and deceive all are the i before e rule breakers in English spelling. So the southern claw implies deception leading to profiteering, price fixing, faulty scales, etc. It would also include the meaning that where we are deficient another covers us, what I lack you provide.

Now, if we are seeing only the left claw of the crab, then that must mean mother Moon never shows her right claw to her earth children. She has us covered and there is no need for the right claw in caring for her children. I always carried my children with my left hand on my left hip so I could attend to other things while caring for them.

All this  brings to mind that Philip Sedgwick is attributing "liberation from addictions to success or status" to Eris. I must agree with him. The MC is where this addiction might be shown. This is the South point and where we might be deficient. But the north is who we truly are in the depths of our soul. This is where we face ourselves if we have treated others as less or greater than ourselves and where we ultimately learn unconditional love.

I'm wondering now, why Moon is considered her most debilitated in Scorpio. They both carry out their work with claws, they both bring about change and growth. They both carry out most of their work in the darkness. Scorpio is the 5th sign from the Mother so he represents her children. How can she be in her fall there? Perhaps the idea comes from the fact that it is an unpaid and quite often, unrecognized profession. If a woman cares for her family full time many say she doesn't work.  With Eris so close to Eros and Cancer similar to Scorpio, I expect these two goddesses, even with their minor status have some wonderful major changes in store.

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Dysnomia In Myth

IAUS 8610 

Lawlessness is the meaning of Dysnomia, the name given to the Moon of Eris. Dysnomia is the daughter of Eris. Dysnomia is also the name for a disorder involving marked difficulty in remembering names or recalling words needed for oral or written language. Does this remind you of the story of Babylon and the building of the tower leading to the confounding of the languages? 

She was a companion of Adikia (Injustice), Ate (Ruin) and Hybris (Violence). Her opposite representative was Eunomia (Civil Order). In the ancient language the Justice card in the Tarot corresponds to the letter Lamed with means ox-goad. It is a cattle prod used as an incentive. When the letters aleph and tau (Ate) are used as a prefix it is a direct object marker, much like the word "the" in English. Ruin is connected to the 10 swords shown piercing the spine and corresponds to the Aquarian decan of Gemini.  Injustice is a painful stab in the back provoking revolution. 

Lawlessness accompanies Strife and initiates controversy. The time of the wild west and other untamed, lawless lands is past. Could it be that Eris and Dysnomia appear when we are ready to address the law running out of control?

September 23, 2006