1. List of books which will eventually be reviewed on this page
2. Articles (links and reviews)

List of books that will be eventually reviewed on this page:

---The Arabs, by David Lamb
---Arabia, a Journey Through the Labyrinth, by Jonathan Raban
---The Blindfold Horse, Memories of a Persian Childhood, by Shusha Guppy
---The Cairo Trilogy, by Naguib Mahfouz
---Dreams of Tresspass: Tales of a Harem Girlhood, by Fatima Mernissi
---Egypt: Imperialism and Revolution, by Jacques Berque*
---From Beiruit to Jerusalem, by Tom Friedman
---God Has Ninety Nine Names, by Judith Miller
---Guests of the Sheik, by Elizabeth Fernea
---Intifada, by Ze'ev Schiff and Ehud Ya'ari
---Khul Khaal, five life stories of Egyptian Women
---Moroccan Dialogues, by Kevin Dwyer
---Muslim Minorities in the West, edited by Yvonne Yazbeck Haddad and Jane I. Smith
---The Poetics of Military Occupation, by Smadar Lavie
---Shahat, an Egyptian, by Richard Critchfield
---A Trade Like Any Other, Female Entertainers in Egypt, by Karin Nieuwkerk, for summary/review click here it's the first item on the page
---Veiled Sentiments, by Lila Abu-Lughod

*The editor has not read this one yet! But it is highly recommended by historian Roberta Dougherty.


Badia Masabni, Artiste and Modernist, an article by Roberty Dougherty
The Burning of Cairo an interesting article about the atmosphere and history surrounding the time of the fire that burned Badia's famous casino.