Alternate Translation of Haramt Ahebak
Alternate Translation of Haramt Ahebak

I forbid myself to love you any more, don't love me (any more), take your heart and leave me so I can live my life without you.

This alternate translation of the chorus of Haramt Ahebak was submitted in a "post", to the middle east dance subscriber's list, by Lois White, (Leyla Lanty.)

Lois mentioned in the "post" that this song can be thought of as the Arabic equivalent of "Hit the Road, Jack".

Lois (Leyla) is a respected dancer and teacher. She has also produced a CD featuring Egyptian musicians, and the sensational voice of singer Khalil Abboud, which can be ordered at

(Editor's note: Lois's encouragement and advice was of great help in setting up this website. Thanks, Leyla!!)