Arabic Song Translations
Arabic Song Translations



On this website, I have collected some English translations of Arabic songs, and also some information on how to find translations elsewhere. The site is not a translation service; if it's not listed here, I don't have it.

The purpose of this non-profit website is to help educate western afficionados and performers of Middle Eastern dance and music, by sharing knowledge of the meaning of the vocal lyrics. There is a lot of great Middle Eastern music for which English translations are available. And this site may help you find it!

Why is it Important to Know What the Lyrics Mean? (An essay on the subject, by the editor of this website)

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DISCLAIMER: As this website does not knowingly publish translations which are published elsewhere, it should not lesson the earnings of any artist nor author. If anything, it should encourage sales of the material involved.

1. Please check out these well-established links; they may have what you are looking for!

Most of the above links are about Middle Eastern music and culture. But at the bottom of the page there are some links which give news of current events seen from the viewpoint of people in various parts of the Arab world.

2. The main body of information on this site is on the Index of Translations page. This page consists of an alphabetical list of song titles and CD titles, for which English translations, partial translations, or short summaries of the meaning are available. After each entry information on where the translation can be found is given, and also information on where the recording can be purchased.

3. It is strongly urged that you read Osama El-Gohary's
Introduction to Understanding Arabic Song Translations
Dancers, and musicians who work with dancers, will benefit from reading his
Helpful Tips When You are Dancing to a Song
(His detailed translation of "Haad Yensa Alboo" - Part I - is included in the index of song translations.)

4. This site is run (as a non-profit hobby) by a private individual, Iliana. Otherwise known as Lennie Clark! (This page also links to a page containing a travel account of the editor's trip to Spain, and a sample packing list for overseas travel)

5. Click on this link if you would like to request a song translation.

6. To check out the translations that are to be found here on this website:

Translations by Adel Abdalla
Translations by Khaled Hegazzi
Translations by Tahseen Al-koudsi
Translations by Samia Kadri
by other translators
Songs from the Linda Grondahl Collection

7. For information on song translations from Iran, Turkey, and Israel, click on Song Translations from Non-Arabic-Speaking Areas of the Middle East.

8. Click here for reviews of Middle Eastern CDs for which translations are available, either on websites or on the liner notes of the CD.

9. What if you have no convenient place to buy the CDs listed in our index? You will be able to purchase them through the Mail Order Sources page of this website. (If you know of a good mail order source for this music which is not mentioned, please let me know).

10. This new page, simply titled "Interesting...!" was started May 2003. It contains a collection of interesting bits of information on topics related to Middle Eastern music, dance, and culture. It's small now but it will keep growing.

11. If you would like to read a long account of my first trip to Egypt in 2002, cclick on Egypt 02. If you'd like to read a short article on my second trip to Egypt, click on Egypt '04 and, a work in progress, a long detailed account of the '04 Egypt trip (first four chapters only so far) can be found here.

12. And if you want to know what's happenin' in the Phoenix, Arizona area (or in the Tucson area!) that has to do with the Middle East Dance scene, click here.

13. . For information on Phoenix area anti-war activities, click here and scroll to the bottom of the page. For a "blog" sort of page on which the editor explores her horror at the world situation, click here.

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Additions to this Website
within the last year or so

September 2008:
"Miscellaneous Translations" page: 3ala Dala3uuna, translation/transliteration.
September 2006:
"Linda Grondahl Collection" page: Linda Ya Linda, translation/transliteration.
July 2006:
"Thoughts" page:Letter protesting U.S. policy on the Israeli/Lebanon conflict. This page, a kind of political blog by the editor of this site, is linked to from the "Interesting" page.
June 2006:
"Translations by Other Translators" page: "3Ali Gara" translation/transliteration.
May 2006:
"Egypt '04---Long Account" page: "Sightseeing with Leyla and Ahmed", 4th chapter of travel account written by the editor.
April 2006:
"Egypt '04---Long Account" page:"The Hotel Victoria", 3rd chapter of travel account written by the editor.
March 2006:
"Egypt '04--Long Account" page:"Across the Atlantic to Cairo", 2nd chapter of travel account written by the editor.
February 2006:
"Egypt '04--Long Account" page: "Meeting Morocco's Group at JFK", first chapter of travel account written by the editor.
"Translations by other Translators" page: "Ghanili Shwaaye Shwaaye" (translation/transliteration) and "Lamma Bada Yetathaana" (translation/transliteration).
January 2006:
"Guestbook" page: "Sign in" by e-mailing me, and I'll display your comments on this page.
January 2006:
"Egypt '02" page:"Afternoon in the Khan el Khalili", and "Two Women in Headscarves", last two chapters of travel account written by the editor.
June 2005:
"Translations by Tahseen Al-koudsi" page:"Osaad Ainee" (translation and transliteration), "Bint el Arabia" (translation summary)

Fall 2004:
"Egypt '04" page: An account of the editor's experience in Cairo traveling with Morocco's group to the June 2004 Ahlan wa Sahlan festival, with side trips to visit some of Cairo's beautiful medieval mosques and monuments.

August 2004:
"Attitudes" page*:"What Started You Dancing?" (section of an article based on questionaire posted on Med-Dance List)

July 2004:
"Attitudes" page*:"What Keeps You Dancing?" (section of an article based on questionaire posted on Med-Dance List)

*The link to the "attitudes" page can be found on the "Interesting...!" page.

June 2004:
Egypt page: "A Nightclub in Cairo" (section of the editor's account of her summer 2002 trip to Egypt)
"Thoughts" page: (political thoughts of editor)

*the link to the "thoughts" page can be found on the "Interesting...!" page.

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