Translations by Khaled Hegazzi
Translations by Khaled Hegazzi
of New Orleans, Louisiana

Translations of the following songs are provided on this page, in alphabetical order:

Hizzi Ya Nawaem
Mawaal (from "Ma B'tisaloosh Leh")
Min Aboukhra L'Ashiye
Sanateen Wana Hayyil
Wana Wana Aamil Eih
Ya Tayyeb El Galb

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Hizzi Ya Nawaim

This lively song is from the classic recording by George Abdo, made in the '70s. Once mainstays of the belly dance repertoire, the Abdo material is experiencing a comeback, and is being re-released on CDs and discovered by younger dancers.
Sadly, soon after I had had this translation done by Khaled, I heard that George Abdo had passed away.

Shake it, little delicate one
Shake your hips and let your hair loose
Fly with the wind happy and free
When you shake it, you take all hearts with you
They know that I'm in love with you
They lead me to your home
When I arrived I called out for you
But no one was at home
I will bring my family to meet yours
And we will celebrate
The most beautiful night of our lives.

Mawaal (from "Ma B'tisaloosh Leh")

A mawaal is a vocal acapella section, rather like a vocal "taqsim". Leyla Lanty has included this beautiful mawaal at the end of the wonderful CD "Ma B'tisaloosh Leh" which she produced in Cairo. The singer is Khalil Abboud.

Love, I wish God would forbid you to taste joy
So you would know how it has been for me
On the top of the mountains I pray God
Do not think I cannot live without you
Why not?
You are crazy, love
Sometimes joyous, sometimes sad
And there is not much left in life to do
Now I only have one wish
To have never been there
To have never met you

Min Boukra L'Ashiye

One of Emmad Sayyah's lively bellydance songs, found on "Modern Belly dance from Lebanon--The night of the Beautiful" as well as several other CDs.

All the time I'm sorry
Thinking about the sweetheart who rejected me
Who can help me?
The first glimpse of her, I was in love with her
And I put her in my heart
Where she could live happily
I took her along on my road
Where she left me all by myself
And she took my heart

We had many dreams
When I promised her the wedding rings
She told me she loved me
And I said how happy our families would be
Dancing on the big night.

Sanateen Wana Hayyil

This lilting song is from the wonderful CD "Ma B'tisaloosh Leh" produced in Cairo by California dancer and instructor Leyla Lanty and featuring the wonderful voice of Khalil Abboud. More info about the CD is included on Leyla's website; for a review by the editor of this website, click here.

Two years have passed
And I have tried to restore our love
The tears in my eyes are calling you
You are the cause of my pain
Yet still I call you my love
I have endured one year and two
In this lonely struggle
Where has your passion and your love gone?
How have you forgotten the old days
If you could leave your anger for one day
Sleep would return and lead me to dreams
Two years have passed and my tears still call you
You have forgotten the promise of our hearts
And denied the existence of our love
Your beauty is beyond my sight
But I find you wherever I go

Wana Wana Aamil Eih

This lively pop song, recorded by Hisham Abbas, features a gorgeous acapella lead-in which grabbed me the first time I heard it. And the clean bright sound of Hisham Abbas voice always makes me happy!

What can I do?
It is out of my hands
There is love inside me singing with yearning and desire
I live only in my dream
A wish to see you
A hope to find you
To draw my name around your heart
And dream you will search for me
What can I do?
In the long dark night
when you alone are the moon?
What can I do amidst such confusion?
When the fire of love burns
And I desire a journey to you
Alone on the sea of love
I long to sail upon your shore
What can I do?
Each night has sung its song for me
With visions of you
When my heart was seething with pain
I dream to see you draw my name around you
And you will search for me
What can I do?
What can I do?

Ya Tayyeb El Galb

This song, from the wonderful CD "Ma B'tisaloosh Leh" produced in Cairo by California dancer and instructor Leyla Lanty and featuring vocalist Khalil Abboud, has a haunting emotional quality which grabbed me the first time I heard it. For more information on the CD, check out Leyla Lanty's website.

Kind and tender heart
Where are you now
It's forbidden to leave the one who loves you
I miss you, my life*
Can your desire return you to me?
Kind and tender heart, where are you?
I imagine you in the mirror and all around me
And all around me near
What will become of me without the gift of your face?
Kind and tender heart?
Where are you?
I fear my flowers will perish
The stalk is dwindling
I need you here
I want to kiss your hand
God is the witness of my love
I will live
And will die
In love with you
Don't you know my eyes miss your eyes?

(*As in Spanish, "my life" is used as an endearment)