Songs from the
Linda Grondahl Collection

( Editor's note: This page was begun June 2003. It contains songs from Linda's collection of translations. Gradually more and more songs will be added. This website is honored to be able to share with you, the viewers, the wealth of lyrics and translations that Linda has collected over her many years of involvement with Middle Eastern music.)

IMPORTANT: To find out where you can find a recording of the songs on this page, or ordering information, see the Index of Translations page of this website, where the song title you want will be listed alphabetically.)

Linda Grondahl

Linda Grondahl's background is that of a devoted lover of Arabic music and dance. She danced with Amina and the Aswan Dancers for many years. She took Arabic percussion with Mary Ellen Donald, Su Su Pampanin, George Dubai, Vince Deldado, and Tony Lamaam. She took Arabic singing from Nicole Ibrahim, Mimi Spencer, Georges Lamaam. On the oud, she studied under Nazir Latouf, Mimi Spencer, Abdullah Kdough. She was a member of the Aswat Arab-American Choir under the direction of Elias Lamaam. She is now a member of the El Ashaab dance troupe, and Tahneen, the all-girl, all-American Middle eastern music ensemble. They have played for Arab and American events, and for many years at the Rakassah festival.

"I just saved whatever I could get my hands on, for years", writes Linda, "and really don't know why. It was always so dificult to get music, so I just kept on saving."

Linda lives in San Francisco, California. Her favorite color is any shade of purple.


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Ala Heisbi Weidad Galbee ya Bouya
Ana fi Intee Sahark
Bahlem Beek
Dige, Dige Ya Rababa
Enta Omree
Gameel Gamal
Habiytak bel Sayif
Habibi Ya Einee
El Helwa Dee
Linda Ya Linda
Noora Noora Ya Noora
Salamit-ha Oum Hassan
Samra Ya Samra
Shatti Ya Duniya


Ala Heisbi Weidad Galbee Ya Bouya
It All Depends Where My Heart takes Me, Oh Father

Linda does not remember where she got this song. She said that it would be played by the old-time Arabic musicians, and is still played at Amira restaurant in San Francisco, especially when older people are in the audience.

(Editor's note: There is a piece by this name on Hossam Ramzy's CD "Best of Baladi and Saaidi", but I do not know if it is the same song. I hope to find out soon.)

Ala heisbi weidad galby ya bouya
It all depends where my heart takes me, oh father
Re-hagoul laizim salamat
It will welcome the beautiful
Dayaat alei ei omr ya bouya
I've wasted all my life on him (her)
Dana leiya ma-a heikayaat
I've got with him (her) many stories

Mawal*, mawal el saabr ahou daab
Mawal, mawal of being patient has melted
Mein yom el hob ma ghaab
Since love has disappeared
Wala omr ya ein, ya leil
And never again, my eye, my night**
Mat-arab leina ahbab
Let any beloved pass us by
Wana saber al mahboub
And I'm waiting for the beloved
Yeimkin yeirgaalee fee yom
Maybe he'll (she'll) come back to me
Weit konlee ma-a tanee ya bouya
And I'll be with him (her) again, oh my father
Ayaam heilwa, wei heikayaat
Beautiful days and stories

Ala heisbi ei reeh, ma yei wadee ei reeh
Depends on the wind, where it takes it to
Waya ana mashee, mashee walla myadee
With it I'm walking, walking without hesitation
Ma-arafsh einkont mrawah
I don't know when I'm going back home
Walla emtal hawa hai hadee
Or when the wind will calm down
Mahei donya bteil ab beina
As it's a life that is playing with us (me)
Yimkin teirqa-a ghanaweena
Maybe our songs will come back

La basalim leil maktoub
I will not give up to the unknown
Walla hargaa abaat maghloub
And I won't come back defeated
Wei haoul lei-donia ya donia
And I'll tell to life, "Oh life"
Ana ragela leil mahboub
I'm coming back to the beloved

Wein ghanee ganawee geideeda
And we will sing new songs
Malyana hakawee saeeda
Full of happy stories

Wei hanein zeil tob el farha ya bouya
And we will draw down the curtain of happiness
Wei haoul ya habibi salamat
And will welcome my beloved

*a mawal is non-rhythmic, very emotional singing, usually at the beginning of a song

** "my eye", and "my night" are endearments

Ana fi Intee Sahark
I'm Waiting for You

performed by Umm Koulthoum

This translation is by Nabil Gheith. There is an alternate translation on www.shira.net.

Ana fi intee sahark
I'm waiting for you
Khalat nary fi dolouiee
I pept my fire inside my ribs
Wihattaat edee aa la haddee wi 'adaat
And I put my hand on my cheeks
Bil thaniah ghabak wella gait
And counted by seconds your absense,
and you never came

I wish
Yaraeitnee omree ma habbaeit
I wish I never fell in love
Aayza 'aaraf la tikoun
I want to know if you are ______*
Ghadhbaan ou shahghil albak insaan
Or if somebody else occupies your heart
Hal litnee min yah'see a'oul
From my hopelessness, you make me say
Il ghbah teegheeb alla toul
The absence will continue for ever
Wi afakkar eih illee ganaytoh
And I ask myself what did I _____*
Min thamee ghayrak mah la eit
From my mistake, only you are my problem

Yaraeitnee omree ma habbaeit

At 'alim 'aa la agambre il nar
I anguish on the hot part of the fire
We att sharad wayah il afkar
My brain is absent from concentration
Il nismah ah sibha khotak
With each breath I count your_____*
Wil hamsa ah sibha loughtak
With each little letter I count your conversations to me

Alla kida ahsbahat weam seit
I am in this mood morning and night
Wisha founee wi allou it ganaeit
And they saw me and they said I have become in sane

Yaraeitnee omree ma habbaeit

Tiou 'adnee bisneen we ayam
You promised me by years and days
Wit geenee bi haggag wi kalam
And you came to me with exuses and garbage words
Dah kalam!
Those words!
Wit salim wit mor
You come and shake my hand and leave quickly
Ou tikhlif wit ooul naseen
Or you don't come, and just say, "I forgot"

Yaraeitnee omree ma habbaeit

*this part of lyric not clear on the copy Linda sent, will remedy soon

Bahlem Beek
I Saw You in my Dream

Abdel Halim Hafez

Translated by Nabil Gheith

Bahlem beek ana bahlem beek
I see you in my dream I see you in my dream
We beashwaee mistaneek
And with my passion, I'm waiting for you
We in masaaltish fiya
And if you are not care
Yabae kefaya alya
It will be enough
Asht layali Hania
I lived happy days
Bahlem beek, ana bahlem beek

Bahlem beek, ya habibi ana
I see you in my dresm, my love
Yali maleat aayamee hana
You fill my days happiness
Bahlem beek aref men imta
You know since when I saw you in my dream
Men awwalma areft ahebb
Since first time I know how to love
Bahlem beek we bahebbik winta
I saw you in my dream and love you
Awwel hob we akher hob
and you are the first and last love
We inta hayti we ebtisamati
You are my life and my smiling
We enta el nur we li ein we alb
And you are the light, eye, heart
We in masaaltish fiya*
Yabae kefaya alya*
Asht layli hania*
Bahlem beek, ana bahlem beek*

Bahlem belgana illi ghayali
I dream of heaven, which my imagination
Able el hob makansh ytolha
Cannot reach to it before love
Bahlem beek we bethayaili enk ganbi layali betolha
I saw you in my dream and I think you are near me all nights
Wafidel ahbik wahkelak ya habib albi
And I love you and I speak to you, my dear love

We be-aghmel esm anadelk ya habib albi
With the best name I call you my sweetheart
Wein masaltish fiya*
Yabae kefaya alya*
Asht layali hania* Bahlem beek, ana bahlem beek*

Ad ma aomree ytol ya habibi
As long as I lived, my love
Ad ma aomeree ytol
As long as I lived
Hastanak ala tol ya habibi
I wait for you my love
Hastanak ala tol
I wait for you
Layli nahari ba ool ya habibi
Day and nights, my love
Layli nahai ba ool
Day and nights

Ya eli mahadesh aal lik
Nobody told you
Aa el shoq el ana feh
How much I miss you
Boukhra el shoq yewsalak we tegarab/layaleh
Tomorrow you may feel in love and you may try the hard nights
Wein masaaltish fiya*
Yabae kefaya alya*
Asht layali hania*
Bahlem beek, ana bahlem beek*

*same as last four lines of first verse

Dige, Dige, Ya Rababa
Play, Play Oh Rababa

Dige, dige ya rababa
Dige afrah el hababa
Badimaraho we ghabo
Warathoo be gelbe azaba
Dige dige dige dige ya rababa

Gadaralh ya habaib
Thgorone raba el assiel
Gelbe ysall aleghib
Materdoona el gawaba
Dige dige dige dige ya rababa

Play, play oh rababa
Play for happiness of my loved ones,
After they left they did not return
They broke my heart when they left
Play, play, play, play oh rababa

God sent this misfortune for me, my friends
You left by beloved place
My heart is inquiring of those who left
Play, play, play, play oh rababa

Enta Omri
You Are My Life

Translation by Nicole Ibrahim

(Editor's note: There is another translation of this immortal song available on Shira.net. Viewers may be interested to know that there is some wonderful footage of Umm Kalthoum singing this song, accompanied by Mohammed Abdel Wahab and orchestra, in the movie "Umm Kulthoum, a Voice Like Egypt". That historic performance was the first joint performance of these two great artists. )

Ragaounee eineik lei ayame elee raheit
They brought me back, your eyes, to my days that
Aleinou nee andam, alal maadee wei geiraho
They taught me to regret the past and its wounds
Elee shooftou, able ma tshoufak eineya
What I have seen, before, have seen you, my eye
Omr da-yea, yeihseibou eizai alaya
Is a lost life, counting it, how on me
Enta omree, elee eibtada bei nourak saba
You're my life, that started its morning with you
Adei eih men omree ablak rah wei ada ya habibi
Has much from my life before you has gone by, oh my darling
Wala shaf el alb ablak farha wahda
Neither has he seen the heart, before you, one joy
Wala daa fei donia gheir taam el geirah
Neither has he tastd in life besides the taste of so*
Eibtadeit deilwa'tee bass, aheib omree
I started now only, to love my life
Eibtadeit deilwa'tee akhaaf, akhaaf lal omr eigree
I started now to fear, to fear that life would run

Kol farha eishta'ha mein ablak khayalee
Every joy that longed for it before you my in*
Eilta aha fee nour eineik albee wei feikree
It has found it in the light of your eyes, my heart and *
Ya hayaat albee, ya aghla min hayatee, lei
Oh you, the light of my heart, o you dearest than my life*
Lei, ma albeilneesh hawak ya habibi badree
Why, it didn't meet me your love earlier

El layalee el heilwa, weil sho', weil mahaba
The beautiful night, and the longing, and the lov*
Mein zamaan, wil alb ahayeilhom ashaanak
From a long time, and the heart is heeping them fo*
Dou' ma-aya el hob, Dou' haba bei haba
Taste with me the love, taste, little by little
Min hanaan albee, elee taal sho-o lei hananak
From the tenderness of my heart, that longed for your tenderness
Ya habibi taala, wei keifaya elee fatna
Oh, my love come, and it's enough what we missed
Howa fatna ya habib el rooh showaya
Is what we missed oh the love of my soul a little
Ya aghla mein ayamee
Oh, dearer than my days
Ya aghla min ahlmee
Oh more beautiful than my dreams
Khodnee lei hanaanak, khodnee
Take me to your tenderness, take me
An el weigoud weib-eidnee
From my existence and far away
Bei-eed, ana winta, wahdeena
Far away, mee and you, are above
Al hob teis-ha ayam-na
Oh, love, our days, we'll wake up
Al sho' teinaam layaleena
Sleeping our nights missing eachother
Saleiht beek ayanee
Reconsidered because of you my day
Sameiht beek el saman
I forgave because of you, the past times
Naseitnee beek alamee
You made me forget my pains
Weinseet ma-ak el shagan
And I forgot with you bitterness

*wasn't able to decipher the copy Linda sent, will correct soon

Gameel Gamal
Beautiful Dancer

Farid El Atrash

Linda has had this transliteration and translation for so long that she cannot remember who gave it to her....

Gameel Gamal
Beauty dancer
Meloosh meesel
Nothing looks like you
Walah fee'l kayal
Not even a dream
Sadah ilee aahl
I believe those who said
Zay el Ghazel
She is like a deer
Gameel Gamal
Meloosh meesel, etc....

Leh dunia gameela wa helwa
Why is the world pretty and sweet
W'enta maaya?
When you are with me?
Leh Bitkally il ilb benashwa
Why do you make the heart joyful
Wansa Asaya?
Forgetting my problems.

Inselnee leh? Marafshe.
You ask me why? I do not know.
We serey aay? Mefhemshe.
What is the secret? I do not understand.

Atfee w'hanan min izzaman
Generosity and protection from the lifetime
Gameel Gamal, zay el ghazel (etc.)

Leh lemma bashufak (be anayah)rouhee tiganee?
Why, when I see you (in my eyes) my spirit sings?
Witgahny il ahhlaam hawaleyah w'ttamennee
And the dream sings around me and revives me
Nazrit anneyk tishernay
Your looks entice me
Weshow ilaek Hayarney
Longing for you makes me choose

Leh kul el azhar bit hebek?
Why do all the flowers love you?
Wa dtar wa nass?
And the birds and the people
Alashaan arayalee fee elbek walah el ahhsas.
Because of kindness in your heart or feelings

Habiytak bel Sayif

Recorded by Fairuz

Transliterated by Nabil Gheith

Translation and lyric in Arabic alphabet may be found at http://almashriq/lebanon/fairuz

Be Ayam el bard, be ayam el sheti
We el raseef bohayra, we el sharea gharee'a
Teegi hak el bent, men bita el aateek
We yekola intareeni, we tontor aa el tareek
We yeroh we yensaha, we tedbel be el sheti
Habiytak bel sayif, natartal bel sheti
We aoyonak bel sayif, we aoyoni bel sheti
We maleana ya habibi, khalf el sayif we khalf el sheti
Mara'et el ghariba, aatatini resala
Katabiha habibi, be el damea el hazeen
Fatahit el resala, horofan Dhayeen
We mara'et eyam, we gharabitina seneen
We Horof el resala, mahaha el sheti

Habibi Ya Einee

Recorded by Maya Yazbek and the Sultans, among others.

Habibi ya einee
Love, oh my eyes
Ya einee ya leilee
Oh my eyes, my nights
Yam sahar einee
You who's making my eyes not sleep
Bein haree wei leilee
During my day and nights

Walla shta' na
I missed
Wahyatei einak
I missed your eyes
You who's separating yourself
Shta'na lei einounak
From me, I missed you

Beiou-joudak yabou samra
In your presence, you who has the title of dark one
Yehla sahar bei leil
The night becomes more enjoyable
(While we're sitting together it's more fun)
Weil heilou bei yetwal omra'
And the beautiful one prolongs it's life
Wein ghanee ya eine ya leil
And we sing "ya einee ya leil"

El maghna hayateil rouh
Singing is the life of the soul
Yeishfeil albeil majrouh
Heals the wounded heart

Yalla neir-ou's wein ghanee
Let's dance and sing
Weinesh bei ahla janee
And let's live in the most beautiful paradise

Yalla Yalla Yalla
Yalla Yalla Yalla
Yalla, ya Baseim
Tabeilee shawaya
Beat the drums for me
Wenta ya Yasbee
And you, oh Yasbee
Aseimlee showaya
Improvise a little for me
Wentee ya mazika
And you oh music*
Do-eele showaya
Play yourself for me a little
La la la la la la la
Btaatee btaatou
Ra-asnee ya ho
Habibi Ya Eine
Yam sahar eine

*instrumental music

El Helwa Dee
The Beautiful One

Performed by Fairouz and others,composed by Sheik Sayed Darwish

Translated by Nicole Ibrahim

El helwa dee amit teagin fel badreya
The beautiful one went to knead in the early morning
We deek beyedan Kou Kou Kou Kou fel fagreya
And the cock cries Kou Kou Kou Kou in the dawn
Yalla bina ala babala, ya sanaye-eya
Let's go with the Grace of God, oh workers
Yeg-al sabahak, sabaheli gher yasta Ateya
Hope your morning will be beautiful, oh master Ateya

Sabahe, sabah, fatah ya aleem
Our morning is lovely, God permits it
Wel geeb, mafihshee wala maleem
And our pocket doesn't have one penny
Basil mazaag ra-ye we saleem
But our mood is peaceful and serene
Babel amal babak ya raheem
We are putting all our hope in the hands of God

(Sung by chorus)
Da-sabre tayeb al
If we'll be patient
Waie-gha-ya-rel ahwal
All will change for the better

(Sung by vocalist)
Yale ma-ak el ma-al
Oh you, who have the wealth
Bardol fair loh rabi kariim
Also the poor man has a generous God

(Sung by chorus)
El helwa dee amit teagin fel badreya*
We deek bayedan Kou Kou Kou Kou fel fagreya*
Yalla bina ala babala, ya sanaye-eya*
Yeg-al sabahak, sabaheli gher yasta Ateya*

Edee fee edak yabou salah
My hand is in yours, oh Salah's father
Madam ma-allah te-ish mertah
Since you're with God you'll live comfortable
Ghalite-kalak al fatah
Leave it all to the powerful One
Yalla bina, yalal waAehahou rah!
Let's go, cause the time is running out

Eshams tell-et
The sun has come out!
Wel molke il-Allah, wel molke lil-Allah
The fortune is all God's
Egree lerz-ak
Run to work
Ghaleeha al-Allah, ghaleeha al-Allah
Let God give you luck
Mat-sheel adoumak
Pick up your axe
Wel edaw yalla!
And all your tools and let's go!

(Vocalist)Kou Kou Kou Kou fil fagreya*
(Chorus) Yalla bina ala bab'Allah ya sanaye-eya*
(Vocalist) Ah, yeg-al sabahak, sabel gher yeta Ateya*
(Chorus) Yasta Ateya, Ah yasta Ateya*

*translation is the same as first verse

Linda Ya Linda

Linda writes that this is an old transliteration/transliteration and is spotty in places. She believes that in the last line, "They are so sweet" is a polite way of saying "You are so sweet".

Linda ya Linda ya hayatii
Linda O Linda oh my life
Ana bahebbik essali albik
Huwa biaulik ya linda
I am in love with you, ask your heart and he will tell you
Esmaay minne auli labuukii
Listen to me and tell your father
winma ridesh auli laghuukii
To give me your hand, tell your brother
win allulik had maghanni
If he refuses if they told you
cebeki minnuo wi bedi aanu
Leave him alone and stay away from him
shuu baaullon shu baamilluun
What can I say to them, what can I do
killoon hilween ya Linda
They are so sweet O Linda
Bas fi essa nnass allha
There is a rumor on you
anny annik ya ma hakulha
They talk too much
Min i Sham fa Halab
From Syria to Halab (Halab is a city in Syria)
illa Lubnaan yaba yaba
to Lebanon yaba yaba (yaba is just a musical expression)
Shu baalon shu baamilluun
What can I say to them, what can I do
Killoon hilween ya Linda
they are so sweet O Linda

Noora Ya Noora

Linda got this translation/transliteration from an old friend.

Ya warda nadeya fi banoora
Esmek ala rasmek sora
Mal-amaraya ya amorah
Noora Noora ya Noora

Noora ya esm ala mosama
El layl be yabe's nahar
Aesht inti weaash min sama
Ya amirah ala el nowar
Ya naseem rafaf
Ya sheaber shafaf
Wala feesh awsaf
Tewfeeki el ha'e ya Noora
Ya helwu ya ely el hava hafhef ala topek

Agheer alek min elhawa
We ahsed alek topek
Magroh we malik dawa ya alb mak tobek
Esmek ala rasmek laya'e sobehan
men abedaa rasmek
Ya nada el sobehya lel ray'a
Esm Alah ya nNoora ala esmek
Ya layli el aead-men gheer naweed-abo haz saaed
Eli tehen aleh Noora Noora Noora ya Noora

Noora Noora oh Noora
You are pretty flower in a vase
Your name is great meaning and picture
From the moon you are a moon
Noora Noora oh Noora

Noora your name is typical perfect
The night with your name became day
Long life for you and long life for who gives you the name
You are princess of light
You are breeze of air
You are the best
Nobody better than you
No words can describe you enough
You sweet-- the wind now your dress
I get jealous from your dress
I'm wounded and no medicine to cure me
Your name suits you
The great God made you
Early morning mist
For somebody who has a good mood
Oh feast days with no time
You will be lucky
If Noora likes him

Salamit-ha Oum Hassan

Translation from Nicole Ibrahim, from whom Linda took Arabic singing classes for about eight years during the 1980's.

1. Salamit-ha Oum Hassan
Meil ein weil meil Hassad (bis)
Wei Salamtak ya Hassan
Meil reim sheilee Hassad
Salameit-ha Salamit-ha
Salamit-ha Salamit-ha Oum Hassan

Chorus (same as Vs. 1)

2. Galha Toureilei mashee
Weil toor ma nay eimhashee (Bis)
Weil ein ma saybahashee
Mahsouda Oum Hassan
Salameint-ha Oum Hassan
Meil ein wei meil Hassad


Malbouja leh malbouj
Meil feikr galha doja
Hare-eit shaba wei fasouja
Ma raeitsh Oum Hassan
Salamit-ha Oum Hassan
Meil ein wei meil Hassad


Amaloulha zar latash-ha
We kaino eiyar da washa
(Bis 2 times)
Yareit kan had hash-ha
Ma-zoura Oum Hassan
Salamit-ha Oum Hassan
Meil ein we meil Hassan


5. Gara-eh yam Hassan Laimeeha weig ghalee (Bis)
La tour wala zar beiyenfa-a
Salmit-ha Oum Hassan
Meil ein we meil Hassad


God bless her Hassan's mother
From the eye and from envy
And God bless you oh Hassan
From the lash that envied you

2. The passing bull came to her
And the bull didn't put her to sleep
And the eye not leaving her alone
Someone envied Hassan's mother

3. Why is she so preoccupied
From so much thinning she got sick
She burned incense and a pickle fish
She didn't recover, Hassan's mother

4. They made a zar too powerful for her
It seemed like too strong for her
Too bad no one rescued her
She has got her excuse, Hassan's mother,br>

5. What's happening Hassan's mother
Behave and get your act together
Not a bull nor a zar is working out
Wake up and be wise
God Bless her Hassan's mother

Samra Ya Samra
Karim Mamoud

"The translation is by George Dabai, who used to be one of the musicians at the Arabic clubs in San Francisco," Linda writes. "I took singing and percussion classes from him for several years. You can find the song on many, many old tapes."

Samra ya Samra marra fee marra
Shaghalny hawaku
Shaghalny hawaku
Damek gheffa our tag el effa
Shabakny maakee shabaknee maakee
Samra ya Samra helwa ya samra
Ya Samra ya Samra

Samra ya helwa ya lahne ya ghen
Wa ya ahla raneen
Wa ya ahla raneen
Seher el hageb dabeyet aageb alhelween
Shoftoh ba ateh min nary ya Samra
Shoftoh ba ateh min nary ya Samra
Tayeh ked mosh dary ya Samra
Wente el kass we shafayfek khamra
Ya Samra ya Samra ya helwa ya Samra
Ya Samra ya Samra

Wared khedoudek gah aala oudek zadoh gamal
Khala el sho'ore ye shoofoo el somur ye batoo fe hal
Eirfoo el nar wel gheira ya Samra
Aashoo fe zouil ou heira ya Samra
Wente el kass el shafayfek khamsa
Ya Samra ya Samra ya helwa ya Samra

Batlob widek alan foli radek
Maana el aafaa
Afra beike wa oul-le-aayheke
Ya ramz el kheffa
Radek fee el aazaya Samra
Aeayef albee maaza ya Samra
Winta el Kass we shafeyek khamra
Samra ya Samra ya helwa ya Samra
Ya Samra ya Samra

(Editor's note: what follows is a "very rough translation", according to Linda.)

Samra (black comlexion)
Time after time I see you
Your love disturbs the hell out of me
Your light blood", she's cute.

("Light blood" is a compliment in Arabic, has something to do with a person's mood.)

By looking at her, you can tell she's honest
That's the reason I fell in love with
It has a beautiful tune to the ear
(Comparing her to a beautiful song)
This eyebrow of yours makes the one next to you un-beautiful I saw her I became
By all the fire in my heart
I don't know where I am
You are the glass of love and your lips are the booze
Your cheeks make your body more beautiful.
(He is comparing her to a rose on a stem)
You make blondes look at brunettes and get jealous
Every time I ask you to come close to me I get the answer:
The meaning of purity
I am so happy looking at you and I tell your eyes
Your answer is a big meaning to me
You have added much love to my heart


"This is translated by Nabil Gheith, who translated songs for me for about three years," writes Linda. "He taught Arabic at the Defense Language School. The spelling is edited by Amina of the Aswan Dancers."

(Editor's note: A viewer has noted that an alternate translation of the title "Sawah" would be "together")

Sawah, wei maashee feil beilaad, saway
Vagabond, and walking between countries, vagabond.
Weil khatwa beinee wei bein habibee barah
And the step between me and my bveloved is "big"
Meish war bei-led, wana feeh hareib
A long journey, and I'm wounded in it
Weil leil yei-arab, weil nahar rawah
And the night approaches and the day goes


Wein laakom habibee, saleimulee alei
And if you see my beloved, say "hello" to him
Tameinuneel asmaranee, amla eil el ghorba fee
Reassure me how is my brown-looking girl doing so far away

Sawah, wana maashee layalee
Vagabond, I'm walking nights (sleepwalking)
Saway, wall daree bhalee
Vagabond, not knowing what I'm doing
Saway meil for-a ya ghalee
Vagabond, and the separation o my dear
Sawah, eih elee garalee
Vagabond, what has happened to me

We-saneen we-sneen wana dayeb bsho' wei haneen
And years and years and I'm melting in loginess and tenderness
Ayiz a-araf bass taree-o meineen
I want to know just where is his road


Ya eounee ah ha eounee
My eyes oh my eyes
Eih garalak fein inta wei bi meil eih
What has happened to you and what are you doing?
Ya znounee a ya znounee mat seibounee
My worries oh my worries, leave me alone
Meish naaeis ana hier aleil
I'm worried enough about him
Lala areif ar-taah wana la-yeih sawaah
Neither can I rest and I am lost like a vagabond


Ya amar ya naseenee
Oh moon, who's forgetting me
Raseenee alee ghayeib
Take me to the absent one
Nawarlee wareenee seikeit el habayeib
Enlighten me, show me the road to the beloved
Waseitak weseiya ya shaheid alay
I've made you primise, you who witnessed
Teikeelu alei beiya
To tell him of my state
Weilee aseitoo blayaleija
And what I've suffered during my nights

Shatti Ya Duniya
Rahbani Brothers

Recorded by Fairuz, folk music ensembles, among others.

"This is a Lebanese debke and I've had it in my file for fifteen years," writes Linda. "I have no idea where I got it."

Shatta ya duniye ta zeed
Mawzimna yehla
Tedfug my wa zari jdeed
Mhaglinta ya 'ala

Khilly 'a inek 'a dar
'a syaj illi killu zirar
Bukra shat wiye but ruh
Wa mniltaga bi anwar
Yahla 'id wa dhawy 'id wa nizra
Wa nlim 'anaquid

Wa nturny wa la tibya tfie
Tisrikny wahdi 'a mtul

Jam'a tilek hurz i zhoor,br> Yazmin, u mantur u fill
Zihr byed u galb i byed
Ya khawfi laqeek ab'id
Ruh unzur arth mwa'id

Rain in abundance
So that cour crop will get sweet
Let the water rise for more crops
And so that our field will grow,br>

Keep watch over our house
And on the roses covered with buds
Tomorrow winter will be gone
And we'll meet in spring
Holidays come and go and we
Plant and pick grapes

Wait for me and don't leave
Me alone looking for you
I picked you a bouquet of flowers
Jazmine, snapdragons and gardenias
With flowers in one hand
My heart in the other
I fear of finding you far away

Wait for me in the windy plain
Where the grapes are nearly ripe
Hide me in the shade of your eyes
My love for you torments me
Tell me again and again
Where we will meat at our special place

Christmas Carols with Arabic Transliteration

Linda learned these carols when her troupe did a program for an Arabic church in San Francisco.

Angels We Have Heard on High

Come to Bethlehem and see
Him whose birth the an-gels sing
We come and a-dore on bended knee
Christ the Lord the only King
Gloria-----in excelsis de-o
Gloria-----in excelsis de-o
Na-ti ela beyta Lahm Na-ti bi qolu-bina
Nathereena lil maseeh
Lil rab fil a-a-li

Oh Come O Come Emanuel

O Come O come Em-man-u-el
And ran-som cap-tive souls of men
And drive a-way the shades of night
And pierce the clouds and bring us light
Re-joice, rejoice Em-man-u-el!
Ta-al ta-al Em-an-eel
Wa haarer-na min qabdatil jaahreem
Wam-laana be ruuhekal-amin
Wa-ser bena be-nurekal thameen
Hallel - Hallel. Em-man-u- eel
Na-ti elay-ka ya mu-een

A Sound Heard on High

There's a sound heard on high
What could be the news?
Why are the Angels singing?
Why are they joyful?
God's Grace, mercy and salvation has come to us
Rana souton fil a-ali, ya tura mathal khabar
Rana souton fil a-ali, ya tura mathal khabar
Rana souton fil a-ali, ya tura mathal khabar
Wale-mal amlaku tashdu, be-tara nimel zafar
Kulo-hom fil majdi ganna, be-ana-shedi sorur
Qad bada amron ajee-bon rah matu laheel gafur
Qad bada amron ajee-bon rah matu laheel gafur

Silent Night

Silent Night, holy night,
All is calm, all is bright
Round yon virgin, mother and child.
Holy infant so tender and mild
Sleep in heavenly peace
Sleep in heavenly peace
Li-Laton thick-ru-ha, Khalidon Wa-atheem
Ith taja-lat lil-wara, nematu-rabbil karim
Fee wajil massi-ih, muf-taddil atheem

O Holy Child of Bethlehem

O Holy Child of Bethlehem
Descend to us we pray
Cast out our sin and enter in
Be born in us today
We hear the Christmas angels
The great glad tidings tell
O come to us abide with us,
Our Lord Em-man-u-el
Fee bay-ta lah-min lil warrah
Qud ush-rukkal salam
Ya millu hu milad dahu
Fi Haliki Thalam
Fal-nab-tahiz jami-an, bi-mou-lidil-qadir
Wal-yas-judil kow-nu liman
Fil Mith-wadil hukkir
Fal nab-tahij jami-an, bi-mou-lidil-qadir
Wal-yas-judil kow-nu liman
Fil mith-wadil hukkir

Hark the Herald Angels Sing

Hark the herald angels sing:
Glory to the newborn King!
Peace on earth and mercy mild
God and sinners reconciled
Joyful all ye nations rise
Join the triumph of the skies
With th'angelic hosts proclaim:
Christ is born in Bethlehem.
Hark the herald angels sing
Glory to the newborn King!
Ta-rikan majda ohla-hu
Wa-tara-nima safa
Ash-raqat shamsu sanahu
Bejana-hayha shefa
Fa ha-lumi ya ba-raya
War-fa-I saotal madih
Huwa thal mahil khataya
Rabunal fadi massih

The First Noel

The first noel, the angels did say
Was to certain poor shepherds in fields as they lay
In fields where they lay keeping their sheep
On a cold winder's night that was so deep
Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel, Born is the King of Israel
Fi bay-ta lahmin man-zilon
Fe-he thawatif-lon sageer
Aa-nasu too-ran jahalu
Be-a-anahul rabbul qadeer
Heyas judu wa sabihu
Malekana wa athimu

(Editor's note: More songs from Linda's collection will be appearing on this page.)