Mastoum Mastoum
Mastoum Mastoum

The following partial translation of Mastoum, Mastoum was sent by Robyn Friend, the well-respected performer of Iranian music and dance.

Yek goli sa ye kamar taze shekofte Na dassom besh mirese na xosh miofte

There are more dialect versions of this. It means "There is a newly bloomed flower on a waist; neither can I reach it, nor will it fall on its own". It refers to an unrequited or impossible love.

The chorus:

massom massom massom tighat boride shassom.

"I am drunk, drunk, drunk. Your blade has cut my [something-or-other]."

For information on the CD "Mostly Live--Siegel & Friend", see "music from other countries in the Middle East" page, this site. The award-winning (and absolutely gorgeous) video "Dances of Iran" can be ordered from the same address.