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Song Translations from Other Parts of the Middle East

Bir Demet Yasemen (One Bouquet of Jasmine) A classic, one of the most beautiful classic songs in the world. See Shira's site for translation,and information about Mimi Spencer's book, which contains the song. Recordings: "Further Journeys", artists: Brothers of the Baladi, P.O.Box 14083, Portland, OR 97214. "Sirocco", John Belezikjian and Var Daghdevirian, available through Chandra's Dance Extravaganza, see "sources" page, this website.(Thanks to Diane Garcia for the info on recordings and where to purchase them!)

Gole Sangam Click here for translation.

FIFTY GATES OF WISDOM: this CD contains traditional Yemenite Jewish songs sung by the incredibly beautiful voice of the late Ofra Haza. Short lines of description give beautifully poetic clues to the meaning. The CD is available from Artemis Imports).

Artist: OFRA HAZA, an incredible singer of Yemenite Jewish background who became a superstar at first in Israel and then all over the world. If you go type in "Ofra Haza" (quotes included) at Google a number of sites will come up which have articles about Ofra Haza. (See "Kirya", and "Fifty Gates of Wisdom" listed on this page.

KARMA: CD by Turkish pop star Tarkan, see "Tarkan" this listing. For viewer review, click here

KIRYA: CD by the late Ofra Haza. Short summary notes provided for each song.on this Shanachie release. For a viewer review of this CD, click here. See this page, listing under Haza, for link to article.

Rompi Rompi See for both translation and a source for sheet music. There are many recordings of this lively old Turkish classic available. In the fast Turkish 9/8 rhythm, it is suitable for both belly dancing and for Gypsy dancing in the style of Eva Cernik and Dalia Carella.

Mastoum, Mastoum Click on title for a partial translation of this well-known Persian song.

MOSTLY LIVE: SIEGEL AND FRIEND: This CD, a wonderful recording by Neil Siegel and Robyn Friend of their beautiful, authentically correct performances of Persian, Turkish, Georgian, and Egyptian songs, contains one translation on the last cut, a recitation in English of a Sufi poem which Robyn Friend then sings in the Perysian manner. Sufi music is definitely not meant to be danced to; it would be sacreligious. (Two cuts on the CD, "Persian dance music" and "Leylio Majnun", ARE suitable for dancing (according to an e-mail from Robyn). Leylio Majnun is a traditional story well known through out the Middle East--Leyli is engaged to Majnuun but then is not allowed to marry him. To order this CD, or Robyn's incredible video "Dances of Iran", go to her website.

SULUKULE: This CD, put out by the Traditional Crossroads label, features the authentic music of the professional Rom musicians of Istanbul. The liner notes contain extensive English translations. For a review, click here. Available from Kruz, see "sources" page, this website.

ARTIST: TARKAN Fan-owned websites devoted to this Turkish pop star have provided English translations to the lyrics on his recordings. For the lyrics to the CD "Karma", go to this fan-owned Tarkan website.
For the CD "Tarkan", and lyrics for several other CDs, go to
TARKAN CD: for viewer review, click on title. For translation and purchasing info, see above listing.

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