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Adel Abdalla


Adel Abdallah is an Egyptian who resides in New Orleans, Louisiana. If you are traveling to that great city, he invites you to stop by the Cafe Picasso, located at 3401 Chartres (on the corner of Chartres and Desire, in the Bywater). The cafe serves delicious Middle Eastern food, and offers shiisha smoking. They are open daily except for Sundays, from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. (Deliveries until 10 P.M.) The phone number is 504-948-6881.

The translation summaries have been done by Adel at the request of the editor of this website. Muchisimas gracias to Kruz, (whose Morocco to India ethnic boutique, located in the historic French Quarter, is not-to-be-missed) for suggesting Adel as a translator.


The translation summaries on this page are, in alphabetical order:

Abu Ouyoun Garea
Ya Ana ya Ana
Ya Bajat Al Rouh
El Bint el Shalabia
Bint el Sultan
Bless Your Hand
Eine Ellyali
Ma Ghayartish Abadan
Ya Mayla al Ghousoune
Ya Mustafa
Noura Ya Noura
Nubian Song
Ya Ritni Tir
Salamet-ha Umm Hassan
Shatti Ya Douniah
Sehertu Mehur Ellyalli
Ya Wail
Al Ward Gamiil

(Editor's note: To find out what recordings include these songs, how to order them, and some other interesting information about the songs, the singers, etc., see the Index of Translations page of this website.)

Abu Ouyoun Garea

Artist: Abdel Halim Hafez

Tell the One with the Brave Eyes
I love her from the first minute
Tell her I love her
And her love took me down to her deep seas
The One with Brave eyes
I was without problems
Living with my empty heart
The brave eyelashes passed and called me
I was lost in the deepest sea
Tell me why it happened
I wonder with much love and worries
Tell her the truth, I'm in love from the first minute
I am lost in the deep seas
Make up her heart
Or make me forget her love.


Artist: Shaaban Abd El Rahim

"This song is not an anti-American song," Adel writes. "This song is a call for peace and an invitation to the U.S.A. to help to achieve peace as a super power."

People need peace, not war and pains
The President of Egypt cannot sleep
He is trying to make peace work and he told that to Israel
War brought tears and hunger to children
People want to live and enjoy stability and security.
Israel wants peace
Israel should learn from former wars a good lesson
American, American
Please understand that everybody wants peace
Everybody wants peace

Ya Ana Ya Ana
Oh Me, Oh Me

Singer: Fairuz

Me with you
Everybody knew that you are my lover
From my letters to you
If we lost the love you will find me in your heart
and please hide me
Your nights in my eyes are like lighting windows
Take me in your night and promise me
You will not forget me
And me with you

Ya Bajat Al Rouh
You, the Pleasure of the Soul

Artist: Sabah Fakhri

You, the Pleasure of the Soul
The heart is wounded and no solution
How can you leave me?
You drove me crazy when you are far away
My heart loves you
Bring the drink of comfort
And give it to the lovers
Oh night, oh night, oh night
Bring the drink of comfort
And let the lovers drink

El Bint el Shalabia
The Pretty Girl

Singer: Fairouz

The pretty girl
Her eye is bright
I love you from my heart
You are my eye
At the picnic area my lover is waiting
And I do not feel like I should upset him
Hard days they come and go
And the heart is hurt
But these days they get tough
And they go
Under the pomogranite tree my lover talked to me
He told me good songs and pleased me
I love you from my heart
You are my eyes
Tough days come and go

Bless Your Hand
(The last song on the CD "Habibi Da")

Singer: Hisham Abbas

Bless your hand, your eyes and your smile
You pretty one
Tell me where have you been, pretty one
I stayed up late waiting
Your eyelash is like batch of love
Made me fall in love and I could not hide my love
Bless your hand, your eye and your smile
Pretty one
You have been gone for a long time after you owned my heart
Bless your hand, your eye, and your smile, pretty one
The further you go is counted from my lifetime

Bint el Sultan
Daughter of the Sultan

Singer: Ahmed Adaweyya

You daughter of the sultan, have mercy on the poor guy
The water is between your hands and Adaweyya is thirsty
You are walking on Abbas Bridge
And people are looking at your sweetness
Like fruits and pineapple
Bye, sweetie, bye
Your land is so far away
But I'm willing to walk to you if you wish
Give me water more and more
Your water is so sweet like sugar
I love Alexandria city and I'm from Cairo
I love east Egypt and south Egypt too

Eina Ellyali
Where Did the Good Nights Go?

Artist: Asmahan, the sister of Farid El Atrache

Where did the good nights go?
I wish I did not have to cry after them
Those nights came like a shadow and pleased me
But they did not stay
An eye glance sent a spear to my liver* and caused pain
The heart is destroyed
Tears from my eyes running
Goddess of sadness, save my body

(Editor's note: here, the word "liver" is used as the word "heart" would be used in English.)

Her Eyelashes

Artist/Composer: Mohammed Abdel Wahab

Her eyelashes are teaching love and what is coming of knowledge
We put a magic on ourselves, a Hill of Kisses
And we grew up but we still dream of play, drink, and youth
Bring it up, bring it up, from a sweet hand
Who has charming eyes should not complain of thirst
Oh my lover, oh my lover
When we get close, our enemies light fire
And our fire goes in a smoke
Forgive us if we fall in love, for we have feelings

Ma Gayartish Abadan
I Never Changed

Artist: El Amira Al Saghira

I never changed and I never will
I am always very faithful but your love is unstable
I give you true love and you try to break it up
I never changed on your love or broke the promise
I never was happier until I met you
Even when most of the time you were unfair
I never changed my love
Ask your heart if you are happy with me
Why do you complain?
I never changed, never

Ya Mayla Al Gousoune
You Who are Leaning on the Tree Branches

Artist: Fairouz

You who are leaning on the tree branches
My beautiful dark skin
Waving our roses on the water
The fresh breath is blowing and changing our life like magic
The lover has not been given water
The appointments and promises have not come
The Roses of Love need water
You, dark and beautiful, leaning on the tree branches

Ya Mostafa
Artist: George Abdo (and many others)

Mostafa, Mostafa, I love you Mustafa
Seven years at the Atarin neighborhood in Alexandria city
We been waiting but do know know when you will be back
Do not forget to write and make my eyes and my heart happy
Mostafa, Mostafa, I love you Mustaf
Come on, Mostafa, the son of our neighbors, come back


Singer: George Abdo

Naada, Naada, your cheeks are like open roses
Getting to her is like reaching high mountains
I saw in her eye---that she wants to talk
But she does not want to talk at the same time
I'll see her coming down from the garden
And I'll just be able to look at her only
I'll be going home alone wandering without her
Naada, Naada
Oh night, oh night
You birds send my regards to her
Whenever you fly under the sun

Noura Ya Noura

Singer: Farid El Atrache, George Abdo

Noura, Noura
You are a beautiful rose
Your name is on a beautiful painting
Like a beautiful moon
You are a name with a meaning
A beautiful breath
Bless who named you
Bless who created you perfectly
Noura, Noora
Oh night, oh night
Whoever Noura will like
He will be the luckiest one

Nubian Song

Singer: Ali Hassan Kuban

From where from where
That beautiful dark skin girl
Her eye gave me a signal and made me get used to her
She is sweet, dark skin and her smile is like alabaster
From where, from where that sweet dark skin girl

Ya Ritni Tir
I Wish I was a Bird

Singer: Farid El Atrache

I wish I was a bird
I will fly around you wherever you go
My eye on you
But this wish is like a dream
I wish the world was owned by me and my lover
I will not leave a second
But it is all "If" and "If"
As a word does not make a house exist*
I wish I was a hair of your eyelash That I can hear your heart beat
Or that I was one of your slaves between your hands
Day and night
But it is only a wish

(Editor's note: Similar to the English idiomatic expression, "If wishes were houses")

Salamet-ha Umm Hassan
Get well, Mother of Hassan

Singer: Ahmed Adaweyya

"Umm Hassan is a woman who thinks that she is possessed and wants an exorcist so that she can be healed", writes Adel.

Get well Umm Hassan,
Get well from the bad eye and evil
Get well all our lovers from the eye of envy

She was hit by the academic illness
And she could not sleep
You can not blame her

Get well Umm Hassan...

She burned incense but it did not help
They played the drums loud to her ear like a bullet
But it did not help

Wake up Umm Hassan
You know better that all that incense and drums
And all the hocus pocus do not help

Get well Umm Hassan

Shatti Ya Douniah
Rain, Life, Rain

Rain, Life, please that our season will be good
And bring water to our plants
That we will be prosperous
Keep your eye on our house
Tomorrow winter will be gone
And a lot of happiness is on the way

Go pick up some flowers for your hands
And flowers for your heart
Meet me by the wind
And let's farm our land together
Rain, Life, Rain
Make our season great
Bring water to our farm
And a good economy

Sehertu Mehur Ellyalli
Stay Up Late Nights

Singer: Soomya Balbak

I stayed up late nights, what do I have to do with love?
If my over left, I'm not empty, my heart flooded with love
Like a butterfly, I do not care, love is my existence
A heart without love is like a body without a soul
Do you see my lover, beautiful like a deer
God gives him beauty, everybody feels for us
Love is my existence, and love is my destruction
A heart without love is like a body without a soul

Ya Wail
What a Pity

Singer: George Abdo

What a pity
For the one who does not fear God
And makes fun of my love
Your heart is busy and no time for my feelings
Oh night
Oh night
I wake up from my sleep to look for you and you do not care
And that makes my opponents damage my heart

Al Ward Gamiil
Roses are Beautiful

Singer: Oum Kalthoum

Roses are beautiful
They have leaves with guides of love
If someone gives roses to a lover
It will mean a good approaching to a steady relationship
Look at roses and you will learn to talk to your lover
The Nargis Flower leans right and left
Telling us to stay away from our opponents
The Honeysuckle flowers are the spirit of the universe
Look at Jasmine, beautiful she sleeps on the branches of the tree
See the roases and learn how to talk to your lover

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