History of Longerath and Smalik

A publication of the Alvare Institute

   Welcome to the first online publication of the Lendosan Historical Institute, a branch of the Alvare Institute, being A Concise History of Longerath and Smalik. This document attempts to summarize the lengthy history of the two continents of Longerath and Smalik in a single document, and provide clear and insightful analysis of important events in this region's past.
   This is not so much a work of the Lendosan Historical Institute as it is a collection of many people's work. This document would not have been possible without the invaluable contribution of our colleagues all over Longerath and Smalik. We are particularly indebted to our friends in Neoliliana for their original timeline that put the major events of this region's greatest state, the Liliani Empire, into context.
   However, that said, we must warn readers that it is possible that errors have appeared in this document, either due to errors during the digitization of the document or in the document itself. Thus, this document should not be considered completly authoritative.


  The Emergence of Civilization in Longerath and Smalik
  The Tawhitoan Civilizations- The emergence of Tawhitoan civilization in Longerath and Smalik, culminating with the great Regnosian Empire and and the mysterious culture of T'Ran, in Achenar.
  The Gardlian Tribes - The origins of the Gardlian people from the five original tribes of the region, and the beginning of Dascunyan dominance over the area of modern Dascunya.
  Ancient Neoliliana - The tribes of Neoliliana and their formation into the original Neoliliani kingdoms, up until their conquest by the Liliani Empire.
  The Estontetsan Kingdoms and the Rise of Micholerdia - The region of modern Estontetso from the foundation of the first kingdoms until the establishment by Micholerdia of the Liliani Empire. 
  The Liliani Empire
  The Territorial Expansion of Liliana - The conquests undertaken by the newly formed Liliani Empire, and its acquisitions by political marriage.
  The Cultural Expansion of Liliana- The spread of Liliani language, culture, and civilization to the areas conquered by the Liliani Empire.
  Dynasties of Liliana - The Emperors of Liliana and the rulership of the Liliani Empire itself, and the transfer of power by means legal and illegal between generations.
  The Disintegration of Liliana - The rebellions that shook the Liliani Empire in its last days and the final declaration that disbanded the empire and established the Empire of Estontetso.
  Lendosa and Smalik - A look at what the regions of Lendosa and Caboteniasa were doing as Liliana rose to power, and at the impact that Liliana's arrival would have on them.
  Liliani Colonization in the West - The colonization of Lendia and Piolhosa by ethnic Lilianis, begun under the Estontetsan kingdoms and increased under the Liliani Empire.
  Liliani Colonization in the East - The waves of colonization that brought Liliani settlers to the shores of Phenixia, Merité, southern Rosardan, and the Meridic Isles.
  Post-Liliani Era and the Longerathian Wars
  The Estontetsan Empire- The new empire that was formed out of the last remnants of the once-mighty Liliani Empire by a decree of the last Emperor.
  The Anglyodascunyan Empire- The rise of Ancalda, Dascunya, and Uestadenia from the remains of southern Liliana, their unification into a single state, and their merger with Angliyaa to form the Angliyodascunyan Empire.
  The Lendosan Empire - The empire established in Smalik and coastal Neoliliana by the Lendosan Confederation, and its attempts at "Lendianization".
  The Longerathian Wars - The decline in relations between the Estontetsan Empire and the Anglyodascunyan Empire and the warfare that followed it.
  The Plague - The Great Plague that devestated civilization on Vexillium, its spread across the world to Longerath from its point of origin in Ptica, and the measures taken to preserve culture and technologies.
  Vexillium Since the Plague
  The Reconstruction - The first states to emerge following the Plague's devestation, and the gradual reconstruction of society and urban life across Longerath and Smalik.
  Instability in Central Longerath- The transformation of Estontetso from Empire to Kingdom and then Republic, and the ongoing civil wars and coups in Dascunya.
  The Growth of Nations in Southern Smalik - The colonization and independence of Davenport and the establishment of a centralized state in Bowdani.