The Lendian Language

The Lendian Language
A publication of the Alvare Institute

The Lendian language began on the island of Lendia, currently a member of the Lendosan Confederation, but has spread over a considerable territory. It is the primary language of Piolhosa, another Lendosan state, and is used for business and administrative purposes in other former FCLR nations such as Neoliliana and Caboteniasa. It is an old language, and contains many great works of literature.

Lendian is closely related to Partogeese and and the languages of Estontetso, and is descended from the great Liliani language. While it is distinct from Partogees and the Estontetsan, it is very similar, and speakers of one can often understand the basics of something said in another. Some linguists classify Lendian as a dialect rather than an independent language, but we at the Lendosan Linguistic Institute believe that it is different enough to qualify as a language in its own right.

Like all languages, Lendian has changed over time. Originally, it was far more similar to Partogees than it is now. Various aspects of sentence structure have changed, as have many verb endings.

This website is intended to provide an overview of the Lendian language, and explain its grammar, with particular reference to its similarities and differences with its related languages.