Free Confederate Community Space Agency

Our Current Projects

   The FCCSA is currently engaged in a number of projects, and is actively considering others. Most of these things are undertaken along with the FCCSA's partners in Burovia and Armatirion.

Vexillium Positioning System
Together with its parters, the FCCSA is working to create what will be known as the Vexillium Positioning System. By launching and maintaining a number of satellites in carefully calculated positions above Vexillium, it will be possible to pinpoint one's location on the surface with more accuracy than has ever been possible. While the VPS system is not yet complete, the first steps have been taken, and the first satellites are already in position. This is probably one of the largest joint ventures in the history of space.

Search for Extra-Vexillian Intelligence
The SEVI program is conducted in conjunction with the FCCSA's partners, and has the purpose of listening out for signals from alien life forms. The chances of it being sucessful are quite slim, but the potential benefits of such a program make it worthwhile. The SEVI program is undertaken by a number of bases throughout Vexillium, only one of which is under the control of the FCCSA, the former FCLR centre in the mountains of Western Gorami, Neoliliana.

Burgium Project
The Burgium Project is also undertaken in partnership. It is intended to provide us with detailed information on the planet Burgium, the next planet inwards from our own Vexillium. The Project will launch a series of probes to the planets to investigate different elements of the red world. The first probe will enter into the planet's orbit and map the surface using high-resolution cameras, the second will skim through Burgium's atmosphere to take readings of its composition, and the third will actually land on the planet in order to take detailed samples of the rock or soil there.