Lendosan Confederation
Lendosan Confederation
This page discusses rail transport in the Lendosan Confederation. 

Railway Companies

Carillo Piolsa
Carillo Piolsa is the largest railway company in the Lendosan Confederation, having a near-monopoly on rail transport in Piolsa. It is owned by the government of Piolsa. It operates routes across the whole island, and also operates services on the island of Ranha (connected to Piolsa by a rail ferry). The company was formed by a merger of three privately owned railways in 322 AP, and came under state ownership when the government rescued it from financial collapse. Carillo Piolsa owns half of Astridoria (see below).
The Gloria Libertatis, Frezone, & Riva Railway (GLF&R), named after the largest cities its main line passes through, is the largest rail transport company in Lendia, and the second largest in the Confederation. Its rail network is based on the northern coast of Lendia. It is owned by the Lanatira Technologia corporation, Lendosa's largest company. It owns a third of CCM (the rest being owned by the Melhorian regional government), and its services are partially integrated with it.
Astridoria (which takes its name from a historic queen) operates railway services mainly around Lendia's southern coast, being based in the city of Zolariza. Half the company is owned by Carillo Piolsa, and half is traded on the stock market. The company was founded in 340 AP as a merger of the Zolariza & Belvida Railway (which provided the coastal route) and the Lalto-Neonian Rail Company (which provided the route to Gloria Libertatis).
Carillo Ilmaristo
Carillio Ilmaristo has most of its lines in Aspalia (southwest Lendia) and in the island's mountainous interior. It is named after the mining town of Ilmaristo, having been founded for the purpose of conveying coal from the mines to the cities - the railway still has a strong hold on the bulk freight market. It is privately owned, although some passenger services operated under the Carillo Ilmaristo brand are actually run by a subsidiary company part-owned by the Aspalian government.

The map below shows the most important lines of each major company.

High-speed Rail
The Lendosan Confederation is currently in the process of creating a comprehensive high-speed rail network to connect all major cities. Previously, a number of high speed lines were operated by individual railway companies, but there was no integration of services, facilities, ticketing, or marketing - each line ran as an isolated operation. In 307 AP, the Lendosan government launched an initiative to bring high-speed rail under a single system, linking existing high-speed operations and building new connections. A new agency known as CVN (for Carillo Vitesiano Novo, or New Rapid Rail) will co-ordinate all high-speed rail services, which will be operated by individual railway companies under the CVN brand.


At present, there are five high-speed rail lines operating as part of CVN. The busiest is between Gloria Libertatis and Zolariza, the two largest cities of Lendia - it was the country's first high-speed rail connection, and has since been upgraded to be the fastest. Other lines run between Colchisia (the Confederate capital) and Tiris (the capital and largest city of Piolsa), between Gloria Libertatis and Tiano, between the "twin cities" of Torasa and Quena, and between Frezone and Olasano. The latter is the newest route, and was the first opened under CVN direction. More routes are planned. The map below shows both existing routes (solid) and planned (dotted).

High-speed rail map