Republic of Mori

The Republic of Mori
Jen'kana lorMorini

Welcome to the official website of the Republic of Mori.

Mori is a small nation located on the continent of Kanan-Mori, in the southern regions, above the ice but below the desert. Mori has a low population, and most of its land area is taken up by the forest that dominates our Republic and that our nation takes its name from; the Morihi Forest. One of the largest wooded areas on Scandia, the Forest is truely the most important physical feature of Mori, even in this age of technology and development.

Mori has only recently emerged as a soverign state, united and independent of all other nations. Various powers, both inside and outside Mori, have held control over various parts of our land for many years, but never has there been a nation that is exclusively for the Morian people. Still, three regions of our homeland lie outside our borders, part of the Larenian Empire that has dominated our lives for many generations, but they will eventually be absorbed into our state as well.

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Social Structure