History of Scandia

While the individual history of a nation is more-or-less up to the designer of the nation, there are certain basic factors that are pre-determined. There are a number of historic nations already defined, each one based on an Earth region or ethnicity. They provide an indication as to the ethnicity and culture of the regions around.

Paralells to Earth
In Scandia, there are a number of things that would be useful to be able to refer to, but impossible, since Earth and Scandia are completly seperate. For example, you might want to say that your nation's name comes from a Latin word, but there was no Roman Empire on Scandia, so you can't. Instead, you would say that it came from a Valanian word, because the Valanian language is exactly the same as Latin.

A list of parallels can be found here.

Roman (and Latin) translates to Valanian
Greek translates to Thesian
English translates to Ingallish (a region in Christiana - see Christiana page)
French translates to Loirisean
German translates to Teuvian
Spanish translates to Casatan
Italian translates to Talinan
Russian translates to Niveskian
Chinese translates to Sungian (Mandarin) or Mingese (Cantonese)
Egyptian translates to Isanian
Arab translates to Saraphan
Indian translates to Rajanani
Polynesian translates to Tavatian
Ethiopian translates to Abanurian
Zulu translates to Mbalan

Christian translates to Cruisian or Cruistian (see Christiana page for specifics)
Muslim/Islamic translates to Mounist
Bhuddist translates to Kavadran
Hindu translates to Srivanan
Jewish translates to Iudean

These lists will be added to when necessary

Predetermined History
This document is a history of the world of Scandia, consisting of those historical facts that were already established before players began to create their own. It will be added to as time goes by, and also contains detailed information about the historical events set up near the beginning of the game. It is recommended that new players view anything relevant to their territory before designing their nation.

Events listed here are colour-coded by continent, to aid in finding relevant information. Also, all dates written in italics are aproximate only (historians do not know the exact year). You will note that this document is often vague about specifics. These details are left out for the player to fill in. The locations of many places mentioned here are usually to be decided by players as well.

Niveria ~ Kwasina~Dorania~Morlel
Venda ~ Andrea~Naarvul

All dates in Old Era (OE)
7000:    The beginnings of the Isanian civilization.
6900:    The beginnings of Sai La and Tung Si.
6776:    War breaks out between Sai La and Tung Si.
6644:    Peace is declared between Sai La and Tung Si.

6622:    A political marriage between Sai La and Tung Si unifies them to form a single state, Sung Ming.
6602:    Civil war breaks out in Isani, with two rivals claiming the right to rule.
6500:    The nation of Abanuria is established by Emperor Selasasa I.
6455:    The Isani civil war comes to an end.
6426:    The Thesian city of Aphenica is founded.
6285:    Abanurian troops put down a peasant rebellion, killing thousands. This sparks off a revolution.
6284:    The Thesian city of Lacathion is founded.

6283:    The Abanurian monarchy is overthrown and replaced with Scandia's first republic.
6203:    The Thesian cities of Aphenica and Lacathion enter into a war.
6198:    The city of Valan is founded.
6182:    The Aphenican leader Sirio defeats Lacathion and establishes the Kingdom of Thesia.
6179:    First campaign of Sirio, lasting until 4674.
6177:    Second campaign of Sirio, lasting until 4670.
6167:    Third campaign of Sirio.

6065:    Thesian leader Sirio is killed during the unsuccessful seige of Valan.
6064:    After Sirio's death, hostilities break out between Aphenica and Lacathion.
6032:    The city of Valan organizes the cities around it into the Valanian Confederation.

6013:    The Empire of Sung Ming launches a war of conquest to the north.
5866:    The Valanian Confederation becomes the Valanian Empire when it begins to push into Thesian lands.

5684:    A combination of civil war and barbarian attacks brings an end to Abanuria.
5410:    The Isanian culture is overrun by nomadic barbarians from the desert.
5309:    The nation of Mbala is established by the KeMbala tribe.
5265:    A council of Thesian cities agrees to surrendur to the advancing Valanians.

5367:    The great Valanian general known as Lupus (an assumed name) invades the continent of Teuvia.
4154:    The Mbalan king Sakala expands Mbala right across the continent.

3794:    Mbala is forced to abandon territory due to barbarian activity.
3771:    The Valanian Empire collapses into civil war.
3769:    The Republic of Thesia is proclaimed.
3764:    The Kingdom of Loirise is proclaimed.
3760:    The Kingdom of Talino is proclaimed.
3759:    The Kingdom of Casata is proclaimed.
3715:    The United Tribes of Tavati are proclaimed after the chieftain Kopu unites fourteen tribes.
3744:    The Arch-Duchy of Teuvis is proclaimed, attempting to model Valanian civilization.
3574:    The Empire of Nivesk is established by Emperor Tsakharov I, conquering large areas.

3487: Tsakharov I's grandson, Tsakharov III, looses much of Niveskian territory.
3176: The Treaty of Suvati brings many more tribes into Tavati.


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