Non-Aligned Movement

The Non-Aligned Movement is an international organization formed by those states in Scandia that are concerned by the increasing polarization of our world by the Western Defense League (WDL) and the Scandian Economic and Military Treaty Organization (SEMTO).


We, the nations of the Non-Aligned Movement...
    Abide by the Convention on the Rights of Neutrals
    Acknowledge the legitimacy of all signatories and all signatories' right to maintain order within their legitimate territories.
    Intend to remain outside the SEMTO and WDL alliances.
    Intend to preserve the independence of all states not associated with
    SEMTO or the WDL through acceptable means.
    Accept and expel members by unanimous consent of all signatories.


Larenian Empire:  March 5, 1503
Republic of Mori:  March 5, 1503
Central Republic of Venda:  March 5, 1503