Open Territory on Scandia

At present, there is still free territory on Scandia which has not yet been developed.

Below is a map showing free territory remaining. Land marked in green is still unoccupied, while brown represents either nations that are active or land that has been reserved for a player currently developing a website. If any player leaves the game, their country will be shown in light green, representing that the land is free but already has various things about its character defined, and cannot be changed.

Established Countries

Note: There may well be gaps in the numerical ordering of these territories. That is, there could be numbers 1, 2, and 3, and numbers 5 and 6, but no number 4. This is because Territory 4 would have been reserved, and thus withdrawn from display, not because the map has an error on it and there are more free territories available.

1 - Tavati
Tavati is an area which has a strongly Polynesian or Pacific character. Other than that, not much is defined about the territory. The western portion of it was briefly under the control of Montedoria.

2 - Tãreoçese Kwasina
This area is currently under the control of a player-controlled nation, the Republic of Tãreoç. However, it is available for a new player to take over by way of a rebellion and war of independence which can be arranged. Please contact the player of Tãreoç for more information.

3 - Limon and Limadestan
The Federation of Limon and Limadestan is a state which combines twelve Cruisian (Christian) duchies (Limon) and the Sultanate of Limadestan in a single nation. As such, it has a mix of cultures present in it. A certain amount of information already exists about Limon and Limadestan which would need to be taken into account by any new player.

4 - KwaSulu
Currently a federal republic of several nations. KwaSulu is based around the various African peoples in South Africa and Botswana, including the Zulus. It was formerly played by Frank Van Diest, currently playing Fixatia.

5 - Tejasia
A nation based on the southern states of the USA, Texas in particular.

6 - Lacrosse
Lacrosse is a kingdom, currently ruled by a Regent. It has been under the control of Loirise, which is Scandia's equivalent to France, and so has a rather French character itself.

7 - Loirise
Loirise is Scandia's equivalent of France. It was, up until recently, a part of a larger nation called Valania, after the great empire in the past that is Scandia's equivalent of the Roman Empire. Valania unified briefly with Neukameroun to form the Willowlands Directorate, and then collapsed.

8 - Central Republic of Venda
The Central Republic itself is not available to be taken over by a new player. However, parts of it might be available for a new nation to be started in. Anyone interested should contact the Central Republic's player to negotiate something. If you are already a player, please do not apply for colonies in the Central Republic. Note that the Central Republic remains entirely within its player's hands, and it is his decision what, if anything, happens to it.

9 - Nomakaba
A small city-state on the coast of the Astalia Sea, based somewhat around Monaco.

11 - Casata
The Kingdom of Casata is modeled upon Spain. It is a relatively old nation, and has had various colonies around the world. More information is available upon request.

12 - Nations Assembled
This is a loose federation of a number of independent states, each of which is available for new players to take over upon consultation with the territory's former player, Cody Williams (currently playing Tãreoç). The various states are essentially modeled after various smaller ethnic groups (usually with all foreign influences removed) from Europe and Asia. The component nations (and the groups they are based around) are: Kernow (Cornish), Cymru (Welsh), Breton (Brittany), Argon (Aragonese), Gasconia (Gascony), Euzkadi (Basque), Provence (Provençal), Ainu (Ainu), Ryukyu (Ryukyo/Okinawa), Livonia (Liv), Tungus (Siberian), and Saami (Saami/Lapp). More information is available from either the PlanetMaster or Cody Williams.

More information is usually available on all these countries.

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