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    Samurai Heart
    Trying to cover my feelings
    when you come around.
    I feel my heart shining through.
    I won't shed any tears,
    I can love anyone.
    But, where is the answer?
    Looking for love
    all over in this town.
    Walking all night
    even tomorrow.
    I can keep on walking.
    My heart is a Samurai.
    Even in the night
    when my heart is silent.
    Even if I throw my heart away.
    Only in the snow...
    my heart is cold.
    I wish that my hearts wounds
    would be gentle,
    Lonely Heart.

    -translation by Kim Davis

    Aww, wasn't that nice? *sniff* *sniff* So sad. I think that is still my favorite translation of the TV version of Samurai Heart.
    Well anyway, welcome to the CD information page. Note that word, ~information~? That means that there will be no sounds on this page, only information. Gomen if that disappoints you, but several other people have done such a nice job and have gone to so much work putting the CDs on their page that I didn't feel the need to. If you want to listen to the CD's themselves, please go to Sofia's page. Estheria Krystal also has song translations on her page.

    Now on to the information.

    There were a total of twenty known, or related YST CDs released from 1988 to 1991. They comprised of three background music CDs from the TV series, two image song albums, three drama albums and the original soundtrack for the second OAV series, 'Kikoutei Densetsu'. In 1991 (when the last OAV series, 'Message', came out) four more CDs were released; Hana (BGM), Tori (Piano music) Kaze (Image song collection) and Tsuki (Drama). Also released as special promotions or prizes were five other CDs, containing songs, drama and interviews.
    In addition to these, there were three mini CD singles released, featuring the opening and closing songs for the TV series and the closing and image song of 'Message'.
    All CDs are now sadly out of print (and just when Troopers were brought over to America too, what bad timing). They can still be found in some Anime specialty stores or special ordered from Japan if you look hard enough. Good luck and may you find the CD you dream of owning.

    Specialty CDs

    As far as I know, this group of CDs were never released commercially, the only way I know how to find them is to get really lucky and find someone who has aquired it in some way and is willing to sell it.

    The Armor Legend of Samurai Troopers / '89 Harikiri Yoroi Tour Telephone Shocking. Released in 1989. It has one track of interviews, and then songs. 30+ minutes long. Movic Promotional.

    Yoroiden Samurai Toruupaa Volume 1 [Sore kara no {kanjix2} tachi]. Was released 1992-9-1. Has nine tracks of drama, interviews, and songs. Quite possibly was a prize.

    Yoroiden Samurai Toruupaa Volume 2 [Special Version] M-003. Released 1992-9-1. Has twelve tracks of drama, interviews, and songs. Quite possibly was a prize.

    Yoroiden Samurai Toruupaa Volume 3 [Soshite, Go-nin]. Was released 1990-9-1. Has eight tracks of drama, interviews, and songs. Quite possibly was a prize.

    N.G. Five~First & Final~ Has ten tracks of songs by the seiyuu [voice actors] of the Samurai Troopers. Nice collection of pop songs, but not from the YST series. If you like the seiyuu, and pop, a good CD to try for. Original packaging included an idol card calendar for Dec 1989 to May 1990. This one you can possibly order.

    For ordering purposes, I would use the second order number given (on those that have them). Those are the latest releases, and will be easier to track down. (Well, as easy as it can be to order CDs that have been out of print for five+ years . . . )SM release numbers are not included on this list, sorry. I would like to thank Estheria Krystal for the translations of CD titles and for some of the information on said CDs. I would also like to thank Christian for additional information about the CDs, and for finding out about all those special ones. Arigato. =^._.^=