THE EVIL ONES - A Samurai Trooper Bad Guys Page


Hello Trooper fans! Welcome to the page of The Evil Ones, a page dedicated to all the major baddies that have plagued the Troopers, starting with the Invasion of the Youjakai and all the way through the OAV's.
Now one may wonder why I am doing a page on them at all, considering how much I love my Troopers, and considering how mean all the bad guys were to them. The answer is simple. Because they are important. Just think about it for a moment. What would have happened if there were no bad guys, human, demon or otherwise, to oppose? No Lord Arago. No Ma Sho. What would have happened?
Probably not much. No Arago means the yoroi would never have been created. No yoroi means the Ma Sho never would have existed (and incidentally, no Samurai Troopers as well). There would have been no invasion, which means there wouldn't have been a reason for the guys to get together. Just think - Touma would never have had any real friends. Shin would have had no one to goof around with. Seiji . . . umm, now that's a tough one. He probably would have never learned how to relax. Shu wouldn't have had anyone to mooch off of. (Shin's cooking, you know.) Ryo would never have had met Byuakuen, leaving a great gaping hole in his life. Nasutei's grandfather more than likely wouldn't have died from that heart attack, and Nasutei herself probably would have returned home to France after her visit. None of them would have meet Jun . . . (Okay, so that last one is a plus. You can't win them all.)
Other crucial events in the Samurai Troopers' universe would also never have occurred. Seiji would never have been kidnaped by Shikaisen to gain the yoroi, so the events in Gai Den would never have occurred. The Kikoutei and the Kuroi Kikoutei yoroi would never have existed. Ergo - no Kikoutei Densetsu. And lastly, Suzunagi never would have been after the boys to gain revenge on all those who died protecting the Samurai Trooper yoroi (as the yoroi never existed). No Message.
All of this means . . . No Yoroiden Samurai Troopers!!! *shudder* Horrid thought, ne? So I have made this page in tribute to the bad guys, to thank them for plaguing our boys, and for giving the Samurai Troopers a reason to exist. (And I bet they just hate that too.)

Okay folks, this is not nearly as complete as I wanted it. I have just been to busy doing other stuff, on other pages and stuff in general, to work much on this page.

Lord Arago

Okay folks, here he is, the MAJOR bad guy, and the sole reason for the existence of the Samurai Troopers. Bet that would just kill him if he wasn't already dead (several times dead in fact). This is how it goes: once there was a man so evil, that upon his death he became a demon and went to the world of demons. Eventually he gained enough power to try to take over the world. This was the First Invasion of the Youjakai. Kaosu beat him, he left his armor behind, and Kaosu turned it into the nine yoroi . . . yadda yadda yadda. I am sure everyone knows this part by now.
The second attempt was a wishy-washy attempt, it occurred during Japan's Civil War era, but he did gain four of the nine armors, for idiots to wear them, and Kaosu's last living heir.
The third attempt was a major attempt. Arago had set the wearers of the four yoroi in charge of his armor, and he would have won if it wasn't for the interference of the wearers of the other five yoroi, the Samurai Troopers.
Arago tried to capture the five yoroi of the elements, failed, tried again, caught three of them, had to toss in his reserve warrior (Lady Kayura) into battle, caught all of them, lost one, lost them all, then lost the battle.
He was one major bad demon, but we owe him for the creation of the Samurai Troopers. (Of course that doesn't mean we ever want to see him again . . .)


Now here is a spirit that became a major thorn in the Troopers side. Head of the Ankoku Priests, he was in truth Arago's right hand man (spirit), and actually had a mind of his own. He was the one who tried to capture the Troopers several times with spells, tried to figure out the Kikoutei yoroi, and possessed Lady Kayura. He got nailed when Shuten evicted him from Lady Kayura.

Oni Ma Sho Shuten Doji

The youngest (and cutest) of Arago's Ma Sho, Shuten is also the most powerful of the four generals. He would singlehandedly go up against all the Troopers, with a fair expectation of winning. He is the wearer of the Oni (ogre) yoroi, representing spring. His kanji is Chu, which is loyalty.

At the end of the first TV series, he came to his senses and joined the Troopers. He became Kaosu's student, and eventually dies saving Lady Kayura, much to the vexation of hundreds of fans.

Yami Ma Sho Anubis

The oldest of the Ma Sho and Korin's opposite. He is the third Ma Sho Arago deployed in the beginning of the series. He was sent out to stop Seiji from finding and then awakening Shu. Of course he failed. Not a nice person, he gets a big kick out of harassing Seiji with dead animals later in the series. Anubis also had a major attitude problem. He has the Yami (darkness) yoroi, representing winter. His kanji is Ko, which is filial piety.

Doku Ma Sho Naaza

After Ryo beat Shuten at Fuji-sama, Arago sent Naaza out to capture the Troopers. He didn't do any better even though he had more chances (and eventually two more Troopers to target). Eventually he was beat by Ryo and Shin. He has the Doku (poison) yoroi. With it he blinded Ryo (temporarily) and killed off a lot of fish. His virtue is Tei, which is obedience (to one's elders). He represents summer.

Naaza is clearly the least stable of all the Ma Sho (well, as stable as a group of guys working for a demon trying to conquer the world can be). Personally, he always reminded me of a cockroach. Not sure why, but a snake never occurred to me.

Gen Ma Sho Rajura

Rajura was the last of the four Ma Sho that Arago-sama sent out in the first part of the series. By this time four of the five Troopers had been awaken, as the other Ma Sho had failed. Rajura, using his illusions, very near took care of all of them, but Seiji saw through his illusions and let Shu near kill him. Shu then realized what was going on, and nailed Rajura. You have to give him credit, Rajura came closer than the others did.

Rajura has the Gen (phantom) yoroi. His virtue is Nin, endurance. He represents the season of fall. According to some sources, his power over illusion is due more to the fact that he had his eye sealed up with a spiderweb than his armor. What some people will do for power. Rajura was the second after Shuten to catch a clue about Arago-sama, but his realization came a little late.

Lady Kayura

The Lady Kayura was the only human in Arago-sama's service not to wear mystical armor. The last descendant of Kaosu, she welded considerable power of her own. Under Arago-sama's control, her power was near unlimited. Only with the Kikoutei yoroi were the Troopers even able to stand up to her.
Kayura was also quite the arrogant bitch. None of the Ma Sho liked her, and she returned the favor. She was also quite high-handed with the Troopers.

It turned out that Arago-sama was controlling her via the medallion she wore. Once that was gone, she returned to her normal self, up until she was possessed by Bagamon. She was saved by Shuten, who gave her the Oni yoroi and Kaosu's shakujo right before he died. She seemed rather nice, for the five minutes or so that we saw her before she and the rest of the now good Ma Sho left for the Youjakai.

Lord Kenenbuko

A youja who knew the meaning of the word 'honor'. He had a major grudge against Arago, the twin Go Retsu Ken (the swords of fervor) and KokuenOh. He went up against the Troopers because he wanted the Kikoutei yoroi so he could battle Arago (a worthy cause). Ryo needed the swords. During a battle between the tigers, Byuakuen managed to get his paws on one of the swords (from KokuenOh) and gave it to Ryo. Then Lord Kenenbuko and Ryo fought, each using one of the swords. If Ryo won, he would get both swords and Byuakuen's life (Byakuen was fatally wounded when he swiped the sword), if Lord Kenenbuko won, he would get the Kikoutei yoroi.
Ryo won, and Lord Kenenbuko kept his word. He sent KokuenOh to merge with Byakuen, healing the guardian tiger and giving Ryo the swords. He was a bad guy, but you just have to like him.


A youja with visions of grandeur. During Arago-sama's recovery of his first defeat by the Troopers, he thought he would take control of the Youjakai by using the Kikoutei yoroi. Note how everyone keeps coming up with the same bad idea?
Naturally enough, that meant he would target Ryo. The others protected him and got whomped on. Ryo, being Ryo, went off on his own to fight Saraenbo and got nailed himself. The only thing that saved him was the fact that Saraenbo didn't have a clue as to what the Kikoutei yoroi was and what powered it. This was when Ryo learned how to properly use the yoroi, and with it he defeated Saraenbo. Bii bii baddie.


Now we are up to the OAVs. Shikaisen was the premier bad guy of Gai Den, the first of three OAVs that followed the TV series. Somehow he has heard of the Samurai Troopers, and he wants the yoroi. *sigh*
Shikaisen is a really hideous djinn (a spirit, sort of). He practices the art of necromancy, which requires death energies. He suckered Seiji to New York, the others followed, and caused major property damage as they fought the Korin yoroi under Shikaisen's control. He was eventually defeated by the Kikoutei yoroi.

Evil Scientist

Shikaisen's partner. Never did find out his name. He is a true mental case. He is also a parapsychologist. He uses his computer to find all about the five yoroi, but never did get a chance to study the Kikoutei before Shikaisen killed him.
He was a rather nasty looking guy himself, with grey hair, a hollow and sallow face, and a high pitched voice. He thought he was rather cool, he flipped back his hair in a move that would have had girls falling over Seiji, but on him it was a wasted effort.


On to the second OAV series, Kikoutei Densetsu. This takes place two years after the TV series, one year after Gai Den. Mukara is basically the only bad guy in this series, unless you count the Kuroi Kikoutei, which needed a human to wear it.

Basically Mukara was a misguided idiot who got possessed by his yoroi. He did a very good job on pounding on the Troopers (Arago-sama should have had -him- on his side) and nearly wins (there is something to be said about doing your own dirty work). The Troopers free his heart from the Kuroi Kikoutei's power in the end, and the two Kikoutei yoroi destroy themselves.


A hundred-year-old spirit who craves revenge, she comes for the Troopers the spring after Kikoutei Densetsu. She blames them (because they were Samurai Troopers) for the death of her family, and for the deaths of all those who guarded the yoroi through the years.
She caught the Troopers by surprise. After Kikoutei Densetsu they no longer had the yoroi, but Suzunagi didn't care. First she went after Touma and trapped him in the design of a yoroi from an ancient manuscript that her father had used to write a play. Then she tricked Shin into his armor, then Shu. Seiji willingly donned his armor, to help spare her pain. Ryo went to join them.
It was Suzunagi's intent to kill them in the yoroi, but Byakuen appears to her, and leads her to her mother's grave. There, with the help of her mother, she realizes what she is doing is wrong. She apologizes (gives them the new yoroi) and goes to her rest.

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