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Welcome miina! Well, I have just recently found out about Swiftgold's fan fiction voting page. Not bad. But since most of our questions are different, please vote for both. That way you can support your favorites twice!
Now for all of you who have been patiently waiting, the votes are in!!! The 1998 contest is over!

The voting is simple. Fill out the below form, press submit, and you are done. Now filling out the form . . . that will take a little thought. I highly recommend that you know what categories you want to vote for before voting. The categories are as follows:

Your Name - Simple enough. Your name or whatever name you go by. Must be filled out.

Your E-mail Address - Another simple one. Your e-mail address. Must be filled out.

URL - This one is optional. Your web page address.

Favorite Samurai Trooper Fiction - What is your favorite fan fiction featuring the Samurai Troopers? The original (Japanese) version of Ronin Warriors.

Favorite Ronin Warrior Fiction - What is your favorite fan fiction featuring the Ronin Warriors? The Americanized version of the Samurai Troopers.

Favorite Crossover - Your favorite fan fiction featuring the RW or the YST and anyone featured from any other anime. Sailor Moon, Ranma Yuu Yuu Hakusho . . . I'm sure you get the idea.

Favorite Overall Fiction - What is your ultimate, total favorite fan fiction? The one you would die to read and pester the author to death over for new chapters. Any RW / YST fan fiction qualifies.

Favorite Author - Who is your favorite RW / YST author?

Favorite Author-Created Character - You know how we authors are, new characters are sooo much fun. Who is your favorite. When filling this out, please add the author's name as well as the characters so that I know exactly who's caracter you are talking about.

Other rules:
Please, vote only once. Authors may vote for themselves. If you do not care to vote for something, please put NO VOTE in the blank. Only completed forms will be counted. You can vote from now until the end of March. Results should be up on this page within two weeks after the end of voting. Voting will be held four times a year, every three months.

Fan Fiction Ballot

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Favorite Samurai Trooper Fiction:

Favorite Ronin Warrior Fiction:

Favorite Crossover:

Favorite Overall Fiction:

Favorite Author:

Favorite Author-Created Character:

To vote, please press this button: .

=^-^= Thank you for voting. =^-^=

Did I miss any important questions or do you have any comments? Please feel free to contact me at any time.
Something that came up this last time. I hate to stress this again, but please put down your name and e-mail address when you vote. Your vote will NOT count otherwise. I would also like to ask that you please put down who wrote what story or created what character. I do not like going through the archives looking to see who wrote them, and if I am not familiar with the character (and what story they are from), I cannot find the author. Please do this for me? Thank you.

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