Fan Fiction Awards Winners

Fan Fiction Awards Winners

Hello miina! Here they are, the 1998 Fan Fiction Awards winners. For those who are curious, I did not recieve many votes this first time, and the rankings reflect this. Hopefully this will not be the same next time. Please remember, if you did not include your name and e-mail address, your vote did not count. Gomen.
I would like to thank all the people who wrote in and informed me who Condra belongs to. Arigato!

Now on to the Awards!!!

Favorite Yoroiden Samurai Trooper Fan Fiction

First place (tie): 'Dreamscape' by Shin-Chan
'A Present Future' by Shin-Chan

Runners Up: 'Dark Star' by Shin-Chan
'Kitchen Woes' by Shin-Chan
'Nine' by Sionna Klassen
'The Older Woman, the Younger Man' by Baby Shampoo
'Orgins - The Beginning' by Shin-Chan
'Secrets' by Shin-Chan
'Star Magic' by Deedlit

**Okay folks, some other people need to start writing YST stories. I am a little over-represented here.**

Favotite Ronin Warriors Fan Fiction

First Place: 'Samurai Souls' by Kajite Grey

Second Place: 'Always the Darkest Before the Dawn' by Sara Faith Wright

Runners Up: 'Dragon Light Within Darkness' by Tatsu
'Once Upon a Time' by Mrs. Strata
'Rowanna's Tales' by Liz Staley
'Uncovering Shades of the Past' by Halo Dyson

Favorite Crossover

First Place: 'Red Rain' by Sionna Klassen

Second Place (tie): 'Just for a Visit' by Seiji-chan
'Troopers 1/2' by Shin-Chan

Runners Up: 'A Day Can Make a Difference' by Magma Angel
'The Big Red Button' by Lady Saendie
'The Past and the Now' by Jason Tucker
'Too Many Kooks in the Kitchen' by Akuma-chan

Overall Favorite Fan Fiction

First Place: 'Samurai Souls' by Kajite Grey

Runners Up: 'A Brand New Evil Cometh' by Maulaur, Star Lin and Eiji
'A Present Future' by Shin-Chan
'Always Darkest Before the Dawn' by Sara Faith Wright
'Fantasy Samurai Troopers' by Sionna Klassen
'The First Real Meeting' by Estheria Krystal
'Magic Revived' by Sorceress
'Reflections of a Dark Kind' by Ambrosia
'Roanna of the Armor TigerFire' by Liz Staley
'The Warriors Sacrafice' by Ami Mizuno

Favorite Author

First Place: Shin-Chan

Second Place (tie): Kajite Grey
Sionna Klassen

Runners Up: Amanda Swiftgold
Liz Staley
Mirror and Image
Sara Faith Wright

Favorite Author Created Character

First Place: Arial = Shin-Chan

Runners Up: Adrian and Darrian Star = Darrian Star
Condra = Shadowslash
Minsami = Maulaur
Roanna = Liz Staley
She-Ronin = She-Ronin

There we have it people, the votes! If I have made any mistakes in the way of authors and their stories or characters, gomen nasai. I had to search out quite a few of them, and some I didn't find, so if I messed up, please write me and I'll fix it.

Domo Arigato!!!

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