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Sanada Ryo

Hashiba Touma

Date Seiji

Mouri Shin

Rei Faun Shu

Yagiyu Nasutei

Yamano Jun



Shuten Doji


Uncle Chin


Gai Den

Kikoutei Densetsu


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    Learning of the crisis facing mankind,
    the five 'Warriors of Chains' join together in the present era!
    Fight on! Samurai Troopers!

    They are the strongest fighters in the whole universe!
    At last the battle between the Samurai Troopers and the Evil Empire has begun!

    Konnichi wa! The above intro to this page was shamelessly swiped off the back of one of the YST laminates. Sounds cool, doesn't it? Well, welcome to my (Shin-Chan's, of course) Samurai Troopers Introduction Page. Here you will find brief introductions (well, we'll see how that turns out . . . ) and bios on the Troopers and all their friends . . . *whuf* (Shin-Chan glances to her right. Standing in the open doorway is a large furry white face.) Uh, excuse me for a moment. (Turns to a large white tiger who has just walked into the room.) What was that? Series introduction? *smacks forehead* Oh yeah, that's right, I did say that, didn't I. (Shin-Chan turns back around and the tiger rolles his eyes at her.) *ahem* And a quick introduction on the series they come from as well. (The tiger nods in satisfaction to himself and turns and leaves the room. Shin-Chan sighs and shakes her head as he does so.) I would have remembered. Honest.

    Well, onto the series introduction. How it all began.
    Yoroiden Samurai Troopers (Mystic Armor or Armor Legend Samurai Troopers, both work) first aired in 1988 in Japan. It was scheduled for a twenty episode run which was expanded to thirty-nine due to popularity. Falling into the magic armor category, it has the basic set up of teenagers being given armor by some obscure wise man to save the world, usually from a demon invasion. (You have to admit, magic armor probably wouldn't work all that well against an alien invasion). The five teenagers here are young men, aged between fourteen and fifteen years old, from Japan; Ryo, Touma, Seiji, Shin and Shu. Their armors are Rekke, Tenku, Korin, Suiko, and Kongo in that order.
    The story opens with us seeing the downtown part of Tokyo (Shinjuku) being covered by a great dark cloud. (Side note. Shinjuku is always getting trashed in anime shows. Odds are if you are watching any anime show and part of main Tokyo gets trashed, it is more than likely Shinjuku.) A young lady visiting from France, Yagiyu Nasutei, saw the report on the news and informed her grandfather (a professor of romantic literature at Sengoku University) of what was going on.
    It seems that his side hobby is researching a demonic invasion that occurred a thousand years ago. He tells his granddaughter that the cloud is the Evil Empire (How does he know? Dang good question. Does anyone have the answer?) and that the Warriors of Chains, the Samurai Troopers are the only people who can save the Earth (Ningenkai). After helping her grandfather on the computer, she turnes on the TV and catches a news flash about a dark-haired young man walking down the streets of Shinjuku in the company of a really huge white tiger. Professor Yagiyu takes one look at them, and announced that he is a Samurai Trooper. (Once again, how did he know? Maybe he recognized the tiger.) Nasutei offers to go get him, and hops into her little Jeep (with the fourth dimensional back seat) and runs off to Shinjuku.
    During this, a little boy and his parents are shopping in Shinjuku. The kid, Jun, gets a skateboard, and promptly goes out of control and crashes into the great white tiger. This is our first introduction to the little kid they always toss in anime shows to irritate us viewers. Byakuen slurps Jun, his parents freak, and the tiger's companion asks if Jun is okay. It's Ryo, the first Samurai Trooper. Jun goes off with his parents, and Ryo and Byakuen (with a rather large police escort) continues down the street.
    The dark cloud grows even darker, and draws all the power from everything technological. On the freeway, still on her way to get Ryo, Nasutei's Jeep dies. She swipes a bicycle from a police officer directing trafic and continues on her way.
    Back in Shinjuku, Ryo and Byakuen are alone, the police and all the people have vanished. Ryo calls out to the youja (an armored demon) to come out and fight him. It obliges. Ryo changes into his red and white sub-armor, and promptly gets pounded on. During the fight, Jun walks out of an alley. He had been separated from his parents and was looking for them. The scythe the youja had been using on Ryo nearly strikes Jun, but he is saved by Nasutei who showes up just in time on the bicycle.
    The fight continues, and Ryo is nearly defeated. At the last minute, a young man in a blue and white sub-armor with sky-blue hair deflects the killing blow. It is Touma. On the surrounding buildings are the other three Samurai Troopers, Seiji, Shin and Shu. They had all felt the presence of the Evil Empire and had rushed to Shinjuku.
    The youja is not impressed, and proceeds to pound on the four newcomers. Ryo tries to help, but is told to stay back by the others, he is too hurt to fight. Their battle does not go well, even at four to one, as each of the Troopers is trying to defeat the youja on their own.
    During this (for fun I assume) the youja captures Nasutei and Jun and tosses them into a billboard type TV screen. To save them, the Troopers would have to defeat him. But any damage the Troopers mete out to the youja is felt by them!
    Finally Ryo loses his temper. (He is really good at that.) He calls on Rekke (his armor). Heat rises around him and he pulls out his twin katana blades. He locks the two butt ends of the hilts together and calls on his major attack, Soenzan.
    The wall of fire destroys the youja (and a good part of the building he was standing in front of, and the next building, and the next . . . ) and Nasutei and Jun are freed.
    On the tops of four buildings, armored figures appear. Ryo and the others see them and Ryo asked who they are. They introduce themselves. Oni Ma Sho Shuten, Yami Ma Sho Anubis, Gen Ma Sho Rajura and Doku Ma Sho Naaza. They are to be the Troopers' main foes in the battles to come.
    Then a huge (~ugly~) armor face appears. It introduces itself as Arago Emperor of the Youjakai. The clouds disappear from over Shinjuku, and a giant (upside-down) fortress appears in the sky above.
    The battle has begun.
    *deeeeep breath* Well, basically that is the first episode. As the series progresses, the Troopers must learn how to properly use their armors and how to work together as a team. (Nasutei and Jun had to learn not to be used as Trooper bait.)
    They finally defeat Arago, (Ryo picks up a new armor during the battle) and return home. Soon they discover the battle is not over. New allies and enemies appear, and the Troopers must confront Arago in the Ningenkai. For a complete rendition to what happens, please check out the following sources Theria's Page or Sofia's Page, or track down someone who has copies of either Samurai Troopers (bring a Japanese speaking friend with you) or Ronin Warriors (The Americanized version.).

    I would like to credit Estheria Krystal and Patricia Munson-Sitter for providing the resource information that I have used in making this, the bio pages and the OAV info pages. Domo arigato.