Hashiba Touma - Tenku no Touma
Touma with bow


Sanada Ryo

Hashiba Touma

Date Seiji

Mouri Shin

Rei Faun Shu

Yagiyu Nasutei

Yamano Jun



Shuten Doji


Uncle Chin


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    He is a calm, steady strategist.
    He assumes a cool posture,
    but actually is more shy than most people
    and is very sensitive.
    He is a master in the Japanese art of archery,
    and his deadly weapon is ShinkŻha.
    (Laminate information.)

    Now about Touma. He is the second Samurai Trooper we meet, he saved Ryo from being killed in the first episode. His yoroi is Tenku (Firmanment=meaning the sky or the heavens). His armor draws its strength from the air around him. He can also fly with the aid of his yoroi. His symbol is a stylized arrowhead on his shoulder guards, fitting as his weapon is a bow. His kanji is Chi (Wisdom). He is the Troopers strategist (when they bother to listen to him). His weapon is a collapsible hankyu (a type of metal bow) which can be used to shoot arrows or to hit and block people with. His bow attaches to the quiver on his back, and as far as anyone knows he has an unlimited supply of arrows. To use his attack, he notches an arrow and focuses on it. When released, the arrow turns into energy, and a huge rushing wave of air is created by the powerful suction of the energy arrow.
    Touma lives in a high rise apartment building in Osaka. His parents divorced when he was twelve, they still are good friends. Touma himself does not have many friends his age, and often finds it dificult to understand those of his age group. He mostly grew up in the company of adults and is shy around strangers. He has a hard time warming up to people, making it difficult for him to make friends. (His 250 IQ probably did not help matters any in school. Talk about someone who blows the grading curve . . .) His main activities are mental in nature. He likes playing strategy games, and is an avid reader. He likes solo activities, jogging and swimming and archery to team sports (though he does like watching baseball). Touma is also interested in ancient history and myths.
    Though Touma appears to be rather cool and distant on the surface, this is mostly to hide his shyness. He is a rather emotional person. (When he lets his emotions run loose. He generally keeps a good grip on them.) Never having any real close friends as he grew up, he is very protective of the other Troopers, and will do anything to protect them.
    Touma does have a few little quirks. He sleeps in. Late. He also has a tendency to stay up late at night, probably because he is reading or working on something. Mostly his waking up problem is due to the fact he has low blood pressure, but he also likes sleeping in. (I know how he feels. I have the same problem.) Touma also enjoys eating, especially sweets, and apparently has a high enough metabolism to burn off all the extra calories he consumes.
    I really like Touma, he is my second favorite character. We probably see him the most in the TV series after Ryo (which was helped along by the fact he wasn't kidnaped during the second series like everyone else was) and possibly Nasutei. She doesn't really count though because she isn't a Trooper. He has guts (he constantly went up against Kayura knowing damn well that she was going to knock the daylights out of him), and he does some of the most incredibly stupid things imaginable. (Pulling out that knife in Gai Den was not the most intelligent thing I have seen him do.) It just makes him human like the rest of us.

    Touma from Kikoutei Densetsu

    Hashiba Touma

    Age: 14 (entire TV series), 16 (Gai Den), 17 (Message)
    Height: 5'4" (age 14) 5'10" (age 17)
    Weight: 121 lbs. (age 14) 146 (age 17)
    Birthdate: October 10, 1973
    Hair color: Sky blue
    Eye color: Sky blue
    Astrological sign: Libra
    Blood type: AB
    Family: We are introduced to Touma's family via the Tenku Den drama CD. They are both strange. His father, Genichirou, is a university researcher specialized in physics and astronomy. He lives in his lab, and Touma seldom sees him. He is a rather wild looking man, with never-seems-combed hair and a beard. He wants Touma to follow him in his choice of career.

    Touma's mother is quite young, she had Touma when she was eighteen (which means that she was married at seventeen. In Japan a girl can legally get married at age sixteen.) She is an international journalist and is hardly ever in the country. She is a bit spacy. (Looks it too.) She treats her ex and Touma as though they are friends, using -kun after their names. (I guess this is highly irregular.)

    Tenku Yoroi