Standards for Meet Behavior

An athlete is judged by how well he or she performs. Your team is judged by how well you perform, act, and behave. We want the officials, fans, and other teams to think of Arcadia High School as the most cooperative and courteous in the CIF Southern Section. To build this reputation will require that all of us work constantly toward this goal. These standards will be followed during meets:

· Reporting from class: Report as quickly as possible. Dress and report to the bus or track after you have suited up. Think about your upcoming competition while you are dressing!!!

· Uniforms: Have your uniforms clean for meets. Also, remember you are responsible for your equipment. Don't leave warm-ups or implements unattended. You are inviting someone to steal them, and you will be the one to pay for their replacement. Know the number of your warm-ups so as not to get them confused with someone else's. DO NOT EVER FORGET YOUR SHOES ON THE DAY OF A MEET!!!!

· Individual Warm-Ups: After team stretching on meet days, you will responsible for your own even stretching and warm-up. You may warm up with teammates in your event or by yourself, if you choose. There should be no horseplay while preparing yourself for competition, and likewise, you should never disrupt someone else who is preparing for his of her event. Know the order of events and when you need to report to the clerk or starting line. Always allow plenty of time for warm-up. It is much easier to stay warmed up than to get warmed up, so start early if you are in doubt.

· Help Your Teammates: While rules prohibit you from running along the inside of the track, or aiding a someone physically, you can, however, cheer as loudly as is humanly possible for our runners and field event participants. Remember that THEIR success is OUR success.

· Stay back from the finish and start lines so as not to interfere with the officials or timers of the race.


· Don't be afraid to help at an away meet if you can be of assistance. This could include the moving of hurdles or the measuring of a field event in which you are not participating.

· Be COURTEOUS to all officials at any meet. They are not being paid enough to put up with childish tirades. They are also trying to be fair. If you have a problem with an official, calmly excuse yourself and ask for the assistance of one of our coaches. When explaining yourself, do it in a calm manner and people will be much more willing to listen to you.