The ARK Community in Texas

ARK Community in Texas
A Proposed Apostolic Christian Way of Living in the End Time


This land is part of a beautiful and choice twenty acre ranch property that is located near Washington on the Brazos, the historic birthplace of Texas. It is accessible by partially paved and gravel roads. The property is completely fenced on four sides. There is an existing trailer house and a mobile home that is in need of repair. Electricity, telephone, water and sewer are connected to the trailer house, and so is propane. There are two water wells. Please note that the actual land has brushes that needed to be cleared.

One acre of the land will be dedicated to our Lord Jesus Christ for worship, fellowship and common facilities. We propose to sub-divide the land into one-plus acre lots that can be owned by individuals who will have direct access from the County Road. Utilities such as electricity, telephone and gas (propane) are available but they have to be applied for connections from the Utility companies. Water wells, septic tanks, sewer lines and fences will be built and installed at owners' expenses. The Land will be sold without underground mineral rights at slightly below the market prices in that area. The cost of land conversion, survey and title transfer will be added to the land cost.

This existing trailer house has a porch. Its interior living space has a couch, a hinged table, and a kitchenette. The bedroom has a queen-sized bed. There is a shower stall and a toilet that is connected to a septic system.

Utilities such as piped water, electricity, propane gas, telepbone are available. A TV antenna is also provided.

The previous owner, who is a Houston geological engineer, wanted to test the survivability of this place, stayed and worked from this trailer house for three months. He used his portable lap-top computer and communicated with his office in Houston through the Internet.

Raising cattle is profitable. A calf that costs about $200.00 can fetch nearly nine times that amount in nine months.

The engineer planted a vegetable garden and practically lived on the land. Self-sufficiency in this place is not only a possibility but can also be a way of life.

Since a person had lived and survived here for a period of time, therefore a small community of Bible-believing, loving and Godly Christians that have one heart, mind and soul should also be able to do the same. All of them must have the same true faith and willingness to share with one another (Acts 2:42-47; 4:32).

Everyone in the community must contribute his or her God-given resources, talents and ability for the common good.

This three-bedroom mobile home that was owned by a minister is in much need of repair. It has a living-dining space that can also be used for worship temporarily until a chapel is constructed. Christians who newly join the community and visitors can also stay here. It can serve as a good dwelling for a family.

This twenty-acre ranch farm is dedicated to the Kingdom of God. Its multi-purpose use may have such facilities as:

        A Conference and Training Center for Christian ministers of the true Gospel of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

        Workshops for the manufacture and assembly of components for energy-efficient systems and construction.

        Other activities that are guided and approved by the One True God in the Lord Jesus Christ.


- to be continued -